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How to travel in style?

How to travel in style with

If you ever had problems with what to wear when you are traveling just check my NEW article!

I think you already heard about traveling in style and airport style. Or you have it inborn, while others are struggling?  😛 

Milan Fashion Week is officially starting tomorrow and I’m packing my stuff at the moment with great excitement. It’s going to be five crazy days of fashion and my first time in Milan. I close my eyes and imagine I’m already there with these Dior shades hanging off my tip of my nose and my phone in my hands cause I need to Instagram the whole shit.



Anyway today, I just want to share with you guys what to wear when you’re traveling if you want to look chic and feel comfy at the same time.

In my humble and way-too-glam life, I have to say that this is one of my absolute favorite day to day outfits. Any reason to wear a cool military jacket from Kraxy Rabbit is perfectly acceptable in my books and winter weather certainly called for it. I love the kind of looks, the ones where you don’t even need to think about. Just throw on your cool furry jacket and it makes you feel so great and comfortable. 

During winter, covering ourselves against the cold becomes crucial. The outerwear forms a key element with inspiration taken from the highlands and nature. The Kraxy Rabbit military sleeveless jacket is so cool and it has an awesome furry hood, perfect for protecting against the wind. You can find it in 2 different styles at their new showroom on B-dul Dacia, no. 43 in Bucharest. Kraxy Rabbit brings the latest trends in fashion to our delight! Visit their showroom and let them help you discover your fabulous potential with advices and recommendations! Download Kraxy Rabbit Application to receive instant alerts about their offers and events. And share your favorite fashionista finds with your friends via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Stay Effortlessly warm this winter with Kraxy Rabbit! 

And if you want to nail the travel in style hashtag some key points below:

  • basic T-shirt or top (in my case a black turtleneck), simple chic sweater or sweatshirt
  • jeans: skinny, mom or ripped
  • sneakers OR ankle boots with chunky heels if you wish for some height
  • cool leather jacket OR military vest
  • bucket bag
  • fabulous sunglasses
  • minimal jewellery

When you are traveling you must keep it very simple and casual.

The key is comfy shoes. Best choice for me is sneakers. Because I like to look so effortlessly cool. If you ever thought of wearing heels on a flight, I can assure you will curse that day. Of course, there are women too posh for school in heels, and very polished outfits, too trendy for an A to B airplane trip. Now if you’re Kim Kardashian and have limos waiting and picking you up, mortals carrying your bags, all you’ll need to worry about is pretending not to be into the cameras flashing in your face. But it’s not yet my case!  😆

There are some wanna celebs, and some girls who truly enjoy looking very put together on a trip. I can respect that, and let’s be fucking honest here. We were and are still sometimes those girls who love glam beauty fashion.

But when it comes to travel in style I think we can still catch attention with one cool khaki jacket and ripped jeans. #justsaying

The thing is you need to nail 3 points: looking chic, feeling comfy and not being too hot or too cold. Nothing too tight, too thick and too bulky. Also, accessories must be kept minimal.  Seriously that’s the last thing we need when we are traveling. Keeping an eye on some fur scarf that you’re not gonna wear, or some hat or gloves that again I highly doubt will make it past the gates.

If you ask me about How to travel in Style I will just say:  Keep it Wise! 




Photo Credit:   Stefan Ovidiu Photographer 
Make-Up:         Andra Preda Make-Up
Hair Styling:     Beauty SALON HAIR TAPE Extensions


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