How to style the pyjama look

It’s all about the pyjama look this season!

I mean seriously… is there anything better than walking around in your PJ’s during the day? I don’t think so and that’s why I choose to wear one at Milan Fashion Week.

Silky fabrics and light colors make up the pyjama look.

The only rule you should keep in mind when styling the Pyjama Look: Don’t over do it!

By this I mean you should pair your look with some streetwear or chic pieces, like sneakers, stilettos, handbag, sunnies, jewelry etc…Otherwise, it could happen that you look like you actually just woke up haha.



I simply love the pyjama look because it looks effortless but somehow elegant.

Being an ‘into-fashion’ kinda girl has really become easier those last years. Honestly speaking, fashion (designers) meant so well with us during the last seasons – hyping and equipping us with items that just make you feel good: sneakers, slippers, mom jeans, XL looks… all trends which really make it easy to take fashion into real life and a busy daily routine.

Just another point on the list is the pyjama trend which I’m showing you today in this casual outfit.

Everyone has a different way to interpret this pyjama trend. If wearing the whole set together is a bit too much for you, then why not use the jacket as a cardigan to spice up a basic outfit!? By adding the silky blouse to my black pants, the look instantly became a lot more interesting!

For me, it was so simple. Some wide leg pants and a silky blouse were the way to go. The new craze with slipper loafers is also built around this PJ trend. Of course, after the first show I took off my heels and put the furry slippers from Zenon Brand.

The Pyjama blouse, from Maison Raquette, is definitely the most comfortable blouse I own and I could literally wear it every day. The Out-of-bed look is perfect for every day and you can even wear it with a chic dinner-look! I styled the whole outfit with a Michael Kors white mini bag, my black hat and jewelry. I really like this effortless, comfy but still super stylish look. 



When I got home I just took off my makeup and go straight to bed: Perfect!!!

I didn’t actually sleep in it, but I guess I could have done… ha!

What about you? How do you like the Pyjama Look?



Photo Credit:  David Ghisa Photographer