How to make money blogging?

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How to make money blogging?

This is the question every blogger has in his mind! Many bloggers want to know how to turn their blog into a full time business.

When I started my blog two years ago, I didn’t really know that it was possible to earn money from running a website. But as I began to understand what blogging means, I realized that the possibilities are limitless. A lot of websites on the Internet are made to generate income! In most cases, it’s not just a hobby.

Yes, it’s not a myth that you can make money blogging!

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Is it possible to make a living blogging? The answer is yes!

There are some blogs that earn 1000000 $ per year! Or more…like Chiara Ferragni ! Obviously we’re talking about sites that have many writers and photographers behind, but they all started with a single writer and a small blog. But you don’t have to be among the top to make money blogging. Of course, it takes commitment, dedication and special content.

Being a blogger is fascinating, but it takes time and hard work. I told you already in another post. But if you still don’t make money blogging, is because you’re not dealing it seriously as if it is your business. Because I had no idea how to do it when I first started, I thought it will be helpful showing you some ways I’ve discovered for how to start make money blogging.


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Always treat your blog like it’s your full time job, as if you were your own boss. At first you’ll have to create the contents, manage and maintain all accounts social, contact brands, manage emails, deal with the technical side of the blog. I know is an awful lot of work, but after your first earnings you can think about hiring someone to help you. As in any business, the first periods are harder and it’s so difficult to make money from the beginning.

Like any other business, You must set up some goals you need to achieve:  increase blog traffic, unique visitors daily, the number of followers on socials, how much money you would like to make with your blog, collaborations with brands, etc.

Establish your goals, divide them per month and create a plan to achieve them.  Remember to follow up your goals and compare them with the results achieved. Always there is something to improve or correct in our strategy.

But let’s get to the point and discover the real methods to make money blogging.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means you can sign up to be an “affiliate” with different companies.

It means that when you create an outfit, make a review of a product, you can put the links to that company’s site and earn a commission if someone buys through your links! There are thousands of affiliate programs. Webites usually have a link at the very bottom of their webpage that says “affiliates,” which explains how to sign up for their affiliate program. However, there are “affiliate networks,” like Share-A-Sale, where you can easily browse through and search for your favorite brands.

It’s kind of like, if you’re going to talk about a product on your blog, you can easily earn a commission for marketing that company’s product. I find affiliate marketing to be easier if your blog has a clear niche. For me not so much. But I still use them from time to time if there’s a product I want to share. But if you like something, why not become an affiliate?

You must be aware that your income is still reliant on someone else. It’s not as stable as other income streams, like creating and selling your own products. And you can have month when you will not earn any commission. So, using affiliate programs can be awesome if you’re using them strategically, but they shouldn’t be your only source of income.

Pay per click with Google ADSENSE

This is the second approach to make money blogging, but be aware that it’s hard to be accepted into the program. There are few blogs who make money only with Adsense. To have success your blog must have 1,000 or more unique visitors per day and approximately 70% should come from search engines. From my experience I can tell you that is really difficult to get this number with a fashion blog.

And, of course, you will never be accepted if you have seductive or sexy pictures on your blog (like I did).

Sidebar Ads / Sponsors

The most basic way to make money blogging is by putting ads on the side of your blog.

Basically, you earn money when someone buys a little piece of web space on your blog. In my opinion, it’s one of the worst ways you can make money. I’m saying these of two reasons: You’re growing someone else’s brand without knowing if you will earn something during a month and They’re not very profitable unless you have an enormous following.

I used this method also but guess what : the most I ever earned in a single month was 50 $.

So, think about it…is it worth it to spend years growing your blog, just to earn the bare minimum? Or are there other options that would do you better?

Brand Sponsorships + Sponsored Posts

Once your blog is getting good amount of visitors monthly, you can ofer sponsored posts and articles.

As a blogger, working with brands you love is not only a great way to make money. I think is the best way you can build relationships, grow your audience, and share useful products and content with your followers.

But how can you successfully work with brands as a blogger?

Before you can begin collaborating with brands, you will need to grow your blog and focus on creating an engaged audience. It is very important to have a large audience, but most brands look at your engagement first. Even if you’re still working on your first few hundred followers, you may be appealing to brands if you can show them that your audience is engaged. This generally means that they leave comments on your blog, Instagram or anywhere really. Being engaged creates engagement.

With all that said, in my opinion, you’ll need to have at least 5,000-10,000 pageviews per month to effectively collaborate with brands. If your pageviews are less than that, you’ll want to work on growing your audience and producing incredible content before trying to monetize your site. As an example, I didn’t monetize my site until I was receiving about 15,000 pageviews per month.

Keep in mind that it may take time before you will find a brand who wants to collaborate with you. Try not to feel discouraged! Companies have different goals, budgets and opinions. It’s just a matter of finding the ones that are a great fit. After that, it will be smooth sailing.

Don’t forget to Build an “Email List” of subscribers through the time.

Having a list of email contacts is definitely the most effective way to reach your readers, but also to sell affiliate products. So try to create a list of your loyal readers and sent them an email once a week or twice a month with interesting content. This works also for brands. Send out several emails and wait to land your first collaboration.


So if you want to Make Money Blogging you MUST BE Patient and persistent!

Don’t expect it to come quickly. I have worked so hard for the last 2 years on my blog and genuinely love blogging. But realistically, only 20-25% of my income comes from blogging. It takes so much time to monetize your blog. Don’t feel bad if it takes some years to start seeing any money. Always think of new ways to use your blog as a creative starting point and marketing tool. Be an innovator!

In the end I can only say that: I’m not doing Work without getting paid anymore!

Before you decide to contact me think about this: Asking to write something or style something without paying me is like asking an accountant to fill your taxes without paying him. I really don’t want to be a volunteer!

Now you tell me!

Do you make money blogging already? What have been your best strategies?