How to climb I Amsterdam

I amsterdam

Climbing I Amsterdam and taking pictures with the sign it’s a must when in Amsterdam.

When we were wandering around Amsterdam getting lost among the canals and accomplishing touristy things for one day, we stumbled upon the famous I AMsterdam sign in Museumplein area. I realized I completely matched the I AMsterdam letters when looking back on these photos. This is another travel outfit of something comfortable enough to climb on top of the 10 foot letters sign.

The I AMsterdam tourism campaign began in 2004 and includes a series of huge red and white I AMsterdam letters that move around the city. This was supposed to be up only for a few years as a marketing campaign, but the city grew to love it and have now decided to keep it. An introduction, a slogan, a statement of inclusion, and a physical icon – I AMsterdam is the city’s and its resident’s collective catch phrase.



Located at the back of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein, the large I AMsterdam slogan quickly became a city icon and a photo opportunity. Visitors photograph themselves, in, around and on top of the slogan. At more than 2 metres tall, the slogan measures over 23.5 metres wide. In July 2012, a second set of letters was installed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to welcome visitors to the city. The third set of letters playfully changes location around the city, making appearances at fashion shows, fairs, festivals and other major events. And finally, a scaled-down set of letters can also be found in the courtyard of the Amsterdam Museum.

Like most visitors, I tried to get an uninterrupted image of the installation but couldn’t quite get that shot amongst the crowds of people. During the day it’s almost impossible to get a good shot of the sign with the tons of people visiting it and climbing on it. What I enjoyed about capturing the excitement was watching all the different poses people did on top of the letters. Sitting, climbing, arms out wide, it was an entertaining site to see all the imaginative ways one could be an extension of the piece. I don’t think there is ever a moment where this sign is truly alone. As you can see next to the I is a man sitting there just watching. I catch him in all my photos. Ufff! And another one that is eating his lunch.  😛
Anyway I did a lot of funny pictures and I really love them.
And of course I couldn’t leave the place without doing the funny part. Climbing on the letters (and falling off many times, in my case) was harder than I expected. The letters are so tall and slippery. I really put all my strength on this and after 10 minutes I managed to be on top of  “A” letter (I realized that it was the easiest one to climb). I was so lucky to take pictures on the letter that corresponds to my name. Then, the problem was, it’s hard to get the whole sign in a picture. And you have to make sure you are in different positions to balance the photo out, along with all the tourists on it.

Climbing I AMsterdam was so much fun!



I believe finding spots like Museum Quarter is one of the biggest joy for many tourists visiting new places. We spent a good part of the day dancing around Museumplein and the giant I AMsterdam letters. Museumplein is a green square with a pond, reconstructed in 1999 after a Swedish landscape architect called Sven-Ingvar Andersson. In the winter, the pond can be transformed into an ice skating area. The square is often the location for festivals, demonstrations and other big events. Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter is synonymous with culture, art, haute-couture and superlative dining; and if that’s not enough, it also boasts the city’s largest park and, of course, some of the world’s most prestigious museums. If you are salivating at the prospect of meeting Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Mondriaan, a trip to Museum Quarter would take care of that!

Home to some of the most renowned art museums such as RijksmuseumVan Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, the Museumplein area is an epicentre for those looking to come face-to-face with masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age. Walk through the Rijksmuseum, which hosts a staggering collection of Flemish and Dutch works, including Rembrandt’s magnum opus, The Night Watch. The Van Gogh Museum holds artworks of the celebrated Impressionist painter, along with collections by his friends and post-Impressionist disciples. Finish your tour of Museumplein with a trip to Stedelijk, which gives an interesting change from the usual by showcasing modern, contemporary works of art.



After visiting Rijksmuseum we spent the rest of the day canal cruising, trying to make sure that we didn’t lose anything. When it started to get chilly, we took refuge in the famous Madame Tussaud’ Museum and then ended the night in Red Light District. I’ll don’t think I’ll easily forget this exhausting, but so interesting day spent in Amsterdam. I wish I would have more days at my disposal for exploring this amazing city.

Tomorrow we are leaving Amsterdam for Brussels and Utrecht. See you soon!