How to become a fashion blogger

Being a Fashion blogger sounds like a pretty fun job right?

How fabulous would it be to sit front row at Fashion Weeks, be flown by brands to exotic places and spend your time playing dress up while your boyfriend take photos of your outfit combinations?

Well…it’s not exactly like this! While fashion blogging is all of these things in the eyes of many people, it’s also a tough job with real responsibilities and an unexpected amount of expenses.

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I don’t deny that us, Fashion bloggers, we receive a lot of free stuff, as well as going to fancy events and paid advertising and marketing deals. Long term collaborations might result in hundreds of dollars. But as small business owners, we end up putting our earnings back into fashion blogging.

Do you want to find out how to become a fashion blogger?


1.   Build a brand, not a blog.

First you must Focus on two important things: creating quality content and building your own brand.

Today, a fashion blogger needs more than an outfit, a boyfriend and a camera. Bloggers need to think about production quality, editorial strategy and affiliate programs to really gain some money on the web. They are more like editors, creating personal blog posts catchy and easy to read. As a blogger, a big part of your identity is formed by the way you choose your words. And I can tell you…writing blog posts ain’t a joke. You must first do your research about a topic and read everything you find and in the end start to create an inviting text. Even when your blog consists of photos mostly, You’re the content creator, editor, SEO specialist and more!

2. Fashion blogging is hard work.

Having a fashion blog is more than just a pretty site!

I know that people look at blogs and think that we are sitting in bed wearing our favorite pajamas and write about whatever we want. But it’s not easy to do it! So much work goes into it! As a blogger, I often get demoralized with just how many items I have on my to-do list. From posting pictures on social media to photo editing to networking, it seriously seems like the list never ends.

While working at my daily job, I started this blog in my spare time. It ended up being just the release I needed. Something to take my mind off and to fuel me with a sense of purpose. I was really obsessed. Initially, I started my blog as purely a hobby but now I can say is my child.

If you are really passionate about something and thinking about it all day, you must do it. I think you can do anything if you work at it really hard!

You just need time, knowledge and a lot of patience!

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3. Then you need some guts!

A blog is a way to authentically communicate who you are to the world and grow your community.

The most important thing is to be very conscious that your life will be exposed to the world. And you must also assume this! Even if I share parts of myself, not everything, I still find that people know every detail about my life. Think first if you can get used to it and live this life. You must also think about your friends and family, especially your boyfriend or husband. Your Life will be exposed and everybody will talk about it.

You must be aware that people will judge you even MORE now. Everyone in this world is judgemental, is something we all do more or less. But in the fashion world People will ALWAYS find something bad to say about you and criticize you. People will always tweak the reality, or even lie about you to fulfil their own needs of self-validation. So often happened that people who I came across wanted to control me with their power of potentially ruining my reputation.

4. It’s very important taking care of your blogger image, but it should not become like an obsession.

Fashion industry is a tough one to get into and be in. Ever seen The Devil Wears Prada?

During these 2 years the fashion world has taught me an important lesson, the fundamentals of Not giving a damn about what people think. Before I used to care a lot what people thought of me.

But I reached a point of an AHA-moment when I noticed, that there was simply no escape from negative words no matter how well you are playing the game.

Not everybody has to like YOU!

So now I gave up. And I’m enjoying a happy life of “I don’t give a fucks!”

5. Shake those haters off and keep doing you. Always BE Yourself!

This cliché is something that we need to master in our lives, because otherwise we’ll limit ourselves to other peoples energies and opinions. What a waste of time!

It’s all about letting go and focusing on living a happy and carefree life instead. Don’t get affected by other peoples negativity! Don’t let them control you. The only way you can do this is to not care and mind your own business. In the fashion world you must do yourself a favor and grow a thick skin of self protection. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself to insanity!

There are times when I – literally speaking – Hate the entire fashion scene and the people in it. Because the haters and badness reach me…It’s tiring and sometimes I wish people could cut each other some slack and become more humble and kind.

After I suffered and think a lot why people need to do this I then realise that there is no point of me being angry at something that cannot be changed. That the only thing I have power of changing is my own mind-set and how I behave. I must say now it feels very liberating not having the need to control what other people think.

Do what feels right for you and play around with things, you will eventually find your own unique voice. I’d like to think my readers continue coming back to the site because of my own personal perspective.

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6. Always remember that you can’t be perfect !

You can’t be “on” spitting out great ideas everyday, because it will not happen! I am a huge perfectionist, which, as much as people consider it a downfall, I think is a big reason for my success. Of course, there are things I would have done differently, mostly the unfortunate outfits. But I have learned from my mistakes and I’m evolving every day. I had to learn how to be okay with taking a step back and how to get used to the idea that not everything went as I wanted. Your state of mind is very important. For sure the best ideas comes when you feel happy, energetic and stress-free.

Hard work, perseverance and dedication have brought me here today!

And I know I still have a lot to learn. The fashion world sites is even more competitive than in the past. So if you want to make your voice heard as a fashion blogger you must establish your originality.

7. Visually appealing and stimulating photos are so important!

Pictures are one of the most essential parts of fashion blogging. Because people only look at the photos first. They don’t generally read the text! And you need to draw people in by having the most attractive photos. Nine times out of 10, the fashion bloggers who get people talking and attract lots of advertisers, love to strike a pose. So you must take pictures all the time, even when you are taking dinner with your friends. And find the best picture, edit and share it on your social media right away!

The best way to achieve great photos, if you are serious about your fashion blogging, is investing in a great camera or having the best photographer. So we are getting to the vital thing you need to have success with your blog.

8. Money!  I always say “if you don’t have the money, then you better let go.”

Because here comes the Unexpected costs of being a Fashion Blogger!!!!

Like any business, you can invest as much or as little as you want, and to create the kind of work life that you desire. My weekly expenses include transportation to meetings with clients or showrooms, a photographer whom I shoot with on a weekly basis, a hair stylist and make-up artist who are helping me look great for each event and shooting. There’s always an expectation that my hair and makeup are done professionally!

There’s also the matter of the actual fashion that goes into being a fashion blogger. No, not everything is gifted!

A huge amount of my savings goes to clothes. I believe in spending my own money on clothes and accessories that I love because it’s the only way to show authenticity and passion in what I do. Designers are dressing a lot of bloggers and I’m one of them sometimes. But in the end, you have to return the clothes. A smart reader can tell who’s wearing clothes that aren’t theirs because they shoot them once and you’ll never see them wear it again.

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Another biggest expense for me is Travel and going to Fashion Weeks twice per year.

The notion that bloggers are being flown left and right, all expenses paid, by brands during fashion week is simply not true for everyone. Especially at the beginning.

AND I NEVER hesitated to invest in my blog. A major investment: your actual website. Your blog design is very important. It’s like the cover of your book. If it’s boring, it will drive some people away even if your content is great.

It’s hard to say an exact figure when it comes to the percentage, but I put all my savings in blogging during these 2 years. And I still have so much to do! It takes time and an awful lot of work. Don’t feel bad if it takes some time to start earning money. You must be aware that most of what you will earn definitely goes back into the business.

All about how to gain money with your blog and how to turn it into a business next week in another post!

If you Got questions I’d love to hear them! Feel free to leave a comment below. What do you think about Fashion Blogging? Do you still want to become one of us?😀


Photo Credit:   David Ghisa Photographer 

Make-Up:         Poeme de Beaute Salon