How to appreciate the simple things

simple things

Always appreciate the simple things in life!

This may sound simple, but it’s easier said than done. Look at me! I’m always on the go, moving from one place to another. I rarely stop to enjoy the present moment and the little things in life. It’s easy to forget the small things when we have so much larger things on our minds. It’s so important sometimes to remember and cherish those little moments. I was driving to work the other day and my favorite song came on the radio…”Feel” – Mahmut Orhan

Normally when I’m driving to work I don’t know what I’m thinking about… One of the reasons why I lost my license for three months…But this is another story  😆 In that moment I suddenly wanted to just keep driving. It was such a beautiful day outside and it made me think about how nice this little part of my day can be. Take the time to appreciate the little things today, if you’re walking somewhere. Take your time, look around you and soak it all in.

Maybe even pick up a camera and take some pictures of unimportant things you come across on your way. A pretty flower, a word or thought scribbled on a wall… the photos will make for a nice memory. This is my little trick I use to make my days much more pleasant.

Always look to find the simple things and sprinkle them throughout your day.

simple things


For a very long time, I used to say that I’m a city girl.

Indeed, I do love the noise, the people, the cars, the action…I like everything to move at an accelerated pace. I love to choose my own rhythm of life in the middle of it. There’s something about big cities that is motivating, it drives and pushes me further. Now that I get to travel and explore the world so much, the more I crave a connexion to my roots. Sometimes, I seriously just want to take my shoes off and walk barefoot in the middle of a wheat field or lay in a park for hours. Just doing nothing else but breath and connect with nature.

It’s so important to be able to find serenity and peace in these moments. To escape society’s craziness and connect with the simplicity and the world itself… Realize that everything is what we make out of it. Things come and go and we tend to make such big deals out of everything when nature itself manages to balance out her own inner conflicts and creates a harmony between everything. Pain comes and goes, fear, doubts… everything.

Even happiness, it comes and goes and it comes back again. That’s the beauty of life. You never know what to expect. You have to live with it and embrace it as part of it. There is no yin without yang like they say. But still…love is infinite, has no end and no beginning. It never goes away. Written in the stars, with stories that never lose their colors.

So…Fall in love because you can’t do without it, not because you do not want to be alone.

Fall in love with a person who has the smell of the universe. Fall in love with the one that you would recognize anywhere, the only one that only you can appreciate.

In the end, fall in love with that one soul, you’ll ever love with all yourself.

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After a day of constant heat, once the breeze starts playing with your hair and the sun sets the clouds on fire through the horizon, it’s time to put on your summer blue dress and golden tiara and take some pictures. The feeling is indescribable. Totally worth it.

This dress is my call to nature and what I wanted to portray in this shooting. Our idea was initial to get lost in a sunflower field, but we didn’t find it on our way to Ploiesti. We were so afraid to lose that special sunset lighting.

I hope you guys will love these pictures as much as I do…

and appreciate the simple things in life.



Photo Credit: Virgil Hritcu

Make Up: Hotaran Denise Olga

Dress: Ylana Shop

Tiara: Katerini Mou