How to achieve BIG BOLD eyebrows

Big Bold eyebrows

BIG BOLD Eyebrows are in the spotlight now more than ever!

I believe you know that the right eyebrows can make or break your face! Gone are the days of over-plucked and arched to the sky brows! Now it’s all about thick, lush, subtly sculpted brows.

If you are wondering how to achieve them, check my last Youtube Video made for Focus Monden – Prima TV with Cornelia Copaceanu, one of the best trainers and dermopigmentists from Sebastyan Beauty Salon in Bucharest.

When Mihai Scarlat called and asked me if I want to have perfect eyebrows I said: YES! Of course, I want! But how? Next week he made me an appointment at Cornelia Copaceanu and we decided together to film everything and make a reportage for Prima TV.

Big Bold eyebrows


All women want perfect and BIG BOLD eyebrows!

These desires are not fulfilled only in the realm of imagination and can become a reality by creating a semi-permanent makeup. For sure it’s not easy to achieve a flawless semi-permanent makeup by yourself! Therefore it’s very important to consult an eyebrow expert when you want to do such an intervention. The result will improve your appearance for 2 years.

So, I talked with Cornelia Copaceanu, eyebrow micropigmentation specialist, during the procedure and I have the answers to all your questions. It’s normal to have some hesitations before trying the semi-permanent makeup. The first important advice I can give you is to be aware which specialist you choose. Because not all of them knows how to do it. To be sure is the right professional, ask to show you as many pictures of his work and see together if your aesthetic perspectives coincide. First, explain your expectations because the eyebrows add a definitive frame to your face!

If your brows are genetically sparse, unruly, or tweezed to oblivion, the best way to fix that is to try the semi-permanent makeup tattoo, called also microblading or micropigmentation.

Semi-permanent makeup is almost an art form, similar to a tattooing. Semi-permanent makeup has to correct, highlight and ultimately to embellish physiognomy. Uses a totally different technique to that used for making a classic tattoo, though. Semi-permanent makeup uses a special device which inserts pigment into the skin, to simulate makeup outline facial features such as eyes, lips or increased eyebrows.

Tattooing eyebrows is for you if you already use everyday cosmetics for shaping them if their form is not the one you desire, being too rare or short, or if they are affected by marks or scars. The result will be very natural and is recommended for both women and men.


What to expect: 

Semi permanent makeup is ideal for those who want to fully define, reshape, cover bald spots or fill in overly plucked brows. The meticulous process takes between one and three hours to complete, depending on each client’s eyebrows. Cornelia Copaceanu, eyebrow micropigmentation specialist, says it takes that amount of time to study the client’s bone structure, facial features, and symmetry to get the best brow shape. The tattooing involves the aesthetician dipping the tool into a pigment and stroking it in small amounts in the dermal layer of the skin with quick, short movements. The microblading pen draws on fine lines between existing hairs, shaping your brows or make them appear thicker.

Does it hurts:

While that might sound scary, it’s a relatively painless procedure. And if it really hurts you, the aesthetician can use a numbing cream. I found the pain no worse than having brows tweezed or threaded. There are things you can do to minimize pain, such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol 48 hours before your appointment. Afterward, expect to be a little tender, possibly red, and slightly swollen for a few hours.


You won’t walk out with the final look. But I can say, my eyebrows looked amazing after the first procedure. You must know that your eyebrows will appear darker for two weeks as the skin heals. A touchup is required six to eight weeks later, so any areas that didn’t retain pigment can be filled in.

From a technical standpoint, cosmetic tattooing is considered “permanent” because the color implanted into the dermal layer of the skin can not be removed by washing or cleansing. However, unlike with permanent tattoos, cosmetic pigment fades, which is why an annual touch-up is recommended. Semi-permanent makeup has a shelf life of up to 2 years, after which require restoration. Which might be a good thing, considering the ever-changing eyebrow trends.

What it costs: 

This probably isn’t a procedure you want to skimp on. At Sebastyan beauty salon, the semi-permanent makeup will cost 1,000 lei and includes two sessions. This amount is paid in full at the beginning and the follow-up appointment, which is made after one month, is included in the cost.

But then, you can’t put a price on waking up with flawless, BIG BOLD eyebrows every morning.



Success is not just ensured by a flawless execution. We need a balanced sense of proportion, an impeccable taste of color and shape, perfectly tailored with the client physiognomy. The result is a set of defined, fuller, BIG BOLD eyebrows that render any sculpting kit or pencil unnecessary.

Only a good specialist with months of training and testing can do this. To be sure you choose a good one ask before and after photos and about his training and certification programs.

If you want perfect eyebrows, just make an appointment at Cornelia Copaceanu from Sebastyan Beauty Salon. I assure you is the best! Cornelia Copaceanu is the only eyebrow micropigmentation specialist, accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Labour and the National Authority for Qualifications.

Just Check my Video on Youtube for more details!

Big Bold eyebrows


The truth is BIG BOLD EYEBROWS are amazing!

They do take years off a face, make you look fresh, young and very bold.