How I started blogging in Mexico

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So…How I started blogging in Mexico?…Meeting wonderful people that marked my entire way of thinking…


As you probably guessed, discovering the world is one of my biggest dreams in life….I love traveling because it gives me an unique feeling of freedom and enriches my heart and mind. For me is the best way to find the truth about people.

I’m a traveler…it has become addictive for me, from the minute I’ve started…and now I can not stay in one place for a long time, it’s like cocaine for my soul.

But traveling is a choice, it requires your time, all your energy and a lot of courage. A traveler is a free spirit, free from everything society tells him to do… the traveler lives as his soul tells him to.

Traveling has offered me so many amazing cultural experiences till now. It made me realize that despite our differences we are all completely the same! We love, we hate, we are scared, we are bold, we have problems and we always find solutions to resolve them.

Once you’ve started…you can’t go back!

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I was thinking a lot how to start my stories and I decided to write first about my exotic New Year’s Eve in Mexico…Because on this vacation I met 3 wonderful people that made me believe in my dreams…They are almost 60 years old and they’ve seen 120 countries till now! They really live an extraordinary life experience…and this is not all…they will travel till the last day of their lives! I was so happy that our paths have crossed and I thought this was a sign to start what I want for a long time!

“Everything happens for a reason!”

Life is so short and you have to live it and make the best of it!

 I could stand here and list a thousand reasons why we all should travel. I could also rave on about how easy and how exciting it is, but then I would just sound like a twit. I shouldn’t have to give people reasons to travel and you shouldn’t have listen to people telling you to travel. In my opinion Travel is simply something you do for yourself. Maybe it will take you half your life before you discover that is a do-it-yourself project. You travel, just for you! Too many people are waiting these days for their friends to tell them it’s time to book the tickets. When the fact that you’re living and breathing is the only indication you will ever need.

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can! Life’s not meant to be lived in one place!

So…for the first time we decided to spend our New Year’s Eve on the Caribbean shores!

Mexico – Cancun and Playa del Carmen – was the favorite destination for tourists all over the world to shift in 2014! I never imagined it would be so crowded, although I heard is a top destination for this time of the year!

Our first day in Playa del Carmen, Mexico was entirely spent at the beach after 18 hours traveling from Romania. I dreamed about this moment lying on the Caribbean Beach with some cocktails and exotic fruits near me and tanning for New Year’s Eve Party!

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One of the best moments was touching for the first time in my life a baby crocodile and a Boa Constrictor. I had a special photo-shooting with a Mexican photographer and for some minutes I was the star of the beach! Not many who had the courage to kiss a crocodile or to take a slippery snake on their neck!

Some great memories from Playa del Carmen but they really cost me a fortune. For 18 pictures they wanted no more than 100 dollars. Do you think it was worth it?

Only for my new project called

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As some of you guys may know we are now back in town. Nostalgia came right away and I started looking at my pictures dreaming about another vacation at the Caribbean Sea.

That was the moment when I started blogging about my Mexico vacation.

I always say that “travel is life”, because it’s when we travel that we challenge ourselves, understand who we really are and grow up. When we travel we are more sincere, ready to take risks and make the magic touching someone’s life.