Holiday Giveaway

So as it’s nearly Christmas, I thought it’s the perfect occasion to Share with you a Holiday Giveaway!

The most favorite holiday of all times has been, is and will be Christmas

the season of love, cherish and kindness.

And…I can’t really talk about Christmas without gifting someone, can I? Because you’ve been with me through all my blog posts this year, leaving your insights on my Social Media and loving me, I have an amazing SURPRISE for you today!


 One weekend for 2 persons at Cheile Cibinului Complex, near Sibiu…

All you have to do is:

1. LIKE Cheile Cibinului Facebook Page;
2. LIKE my Facebook Page – Alina Vlad ;
3. Leave a comment at this article with WHAT YOU WANT FROM SANTA CLAUS this Christmas;
3. Share this Holiday Giveaway on your Facebook Page.
Simple as that! The giveaway is opened until the 27th of December…and the winner will be chosen with and will be announced on my Facebook Page.
And if you don’t know what is Cheile Cibinului I will show you some pictures and tell you more about what you can do in such a magical place. I spent my Saint Nicholas weekend here and I fell in love with the place from the minute I entered his gates.
There is a rustic vibe everywhere maybe because of the beautiful chalets or maybe…It could be the fact that you’re surrounded by mountains or tucked away in the wilderness for a weekend getaway…but there’s something so romantic about cozying up in front of the fireplace in your finest knit sweater and happy socks. This is my favorite chalet chic look, so perfect for lounging in style. The key is to look as toasty and warm as you feel.

After some glasses of red wine for sure, you will be!

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And lastly, who needs a Christmas tree when you’ve got a grand fireplace?

I’ve celebrated Christmas in many places and growing up, my grandmother put our presents underneath the fireplace and have a cute little Christmas tree on top. My grandpa used to dress in Santa and hand out the presents.  At Cheile Cibinului they didn’t have the big CHRISTMAS tree but they had a cute stocking hung…. and Surprise!

The most adorable and SWEET dog to play with and be the star of my photo shooting.

Sunny is so beautiful with his snow white fur that you want to take him home. He was jumping everywhere as I took these shots, demanding attention and wondering why we aren’t asleep yet. How is it possible to love something so much that is so small, can’t talk and is covered in hair?
Must be those black eyes…
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So…what do you think about the place?
Do you want to spend one weekend there with your loved one?
If you are still not convinced I can tell that Cheile Cibinului is very close to Sibiu. So if you are getting bored there, you can pay a visit to the beautiful city of Transylvania. Or you can go skiing at Paltinis, which is 25 km away.

It’s kind of a beautiful idea, isn’t it?

Just imagine how this place will look like when it will be covered in snow!

  I wish you all GOOD LUCK!



Photo Credit:   Constantin Madalin Stefan Photographer 
Location : Cheile Cibinului Resort – Romania