H&M Studio Red Leather Pants

The H&M Studio 2014 collection caught my attention last February when it was presented during Paris Fashion Week. If you remember, I had even posted all the runway looks the next morning on the blog! It was fun, it was cool and it has a lot of versatile pieces that you could easily wear in different occasions.

I’m not usually one to get even the slightest bit excited about a particular collection launching! But when I first saw these awesome Studio red leather pants from H&M fall/winter ’14 Collection, I knew I needed them in my wardrobe. Or maybe, all this amazing Studio collection?



I’m one of the biggest haters of winter. I’m just not made for freezing cold weather. This is the reason you will see me always wearing sandals even if it’s winter. I’m a big fan of high heels especially sandals. When we shot these photos I was freezing but my Studio red leather pants really helped me to go through.

There are many pieces I love from the H&M Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, but I have to admit my favorites are these Studio red leather pants and the gray slip dress that you’ve already seen on my blog. I think I found the perfectly oversized and extremely warm as hell combination in this gray sweater along with the red leather slouch pants. Patent leather is still amongst this brand’s favorite fabric for pants.

When I decided to buy these pants I was asking myself: “Where you will gonna wear them? All eyes will be on your light leather pants for sure!” My friend was really amazed that I bought them and asked me if I really want to wear them on the streets? I know they are not so wearable but I don’t care because I really love them. I find it to be absolutely outrageous, that question, that answer, that attitude I see and hear all the time: I love it, but where am I going to wear that!…It’s awesome, but I wouldn’t go out wearing that, it’s trendy, but I don’t have the courage, I don’t have anything to match it with!

Beyond all these arguments, I feel there is a real desire coming from my inner circle to wear desperately a certain item like these Studio red leather pants! What do you mean “where am I going to wear them”? You invent an excuse, a moment, a place! And If you asked me, precisely that item, which you would buy because you just love it, but you have nowhere to wear it, is that quelque chose. It’s you, it represents your essence! When? Simply at noon, in the middle of the day or tonight! I guarantee you will feel like the best player playing away!

After studying this issue amongst girls I concluded that such repression is generated by a relentless incomprehensible interest in the possessions of our neighbor. By an insane desire to twist the neck of the other, to gossip, to look outraged and judge, to whistle but I really don’t care! Because not everyone is able to combine pieces for getting that amazing personal style! When will all this stop from happening in our country? Impoliteness should be taxed!

This stunning Studio red leather pants falls into all the right categories: a fierce biker cut, cool material, and insanely trendy color. What else could I possibly want more? To introduce this piece to you I create a chic modern look today, which would steal hearts of all our awesome gals. So what do you think about it? Oh, and one more fashion hint – don’t forget that GREY is the new black this FALL!

H&M special collections are always my favorite. Great styles for great prices. Usually pieces you don’t wear once and throw out! In some cases, a piece to an outfit. This collection pulls at my heart strings for many reasons, one is mainly that the pieces are so insanely wearable, but not in a “basic” kind of way. And that’s the beauty with H&M – it’s crazy affordable and quality to match its high-end competitors.


Foto:  www.andreiarhip.ro

Make – Up: Nicoleta Birsan

Location:  The Monument