Haute Pepper Dinner

Friday it’s my favorite day of the week when I strip-off the clothes and indulge my other totally, delicious guilty pleasure. Now, don’t let your imagination getting wild, I’m talking about food, of course! So why the hack should I talk about clothes when yesterday topic was Food?!

Haute Pepper Restaurant and Lounge  invited me to spend an evening in their super cool restaurant and have dinner trying their new menu. I know this place for five years now and I’m really happy to find it as pleasant as it was from the beginning. It’s the perfect place to have a great evening with your friends or enjoy a romantic dinner with your lover. You can invite friends or partners for breakfast, lunch and dinner or held any kind of private events.


If you don’t know where to have a healthy and very fresh meal in Bucharest, you must try HAUTE Pepper RESTAURANT, which is situated exactly in  Constitution Square, near the Palace of the Parliament. If you want to taste some quality food, from the best pasta to a classic beef with foie gras following one of the best cheesecakes in town, but also mingle among fashionable, dressed up and very sociable people this is the right place for you.

The Haute Pepper Restaurant and Lounge was full last night, with a buzzing atmosphere, mostly couples: this restaurant is so chic and elegant, but still keeps it low key enough for an undisturbed romantic date. The restaurant has one of my favorite styles in terms of interior design. No wonder why it has become a place, where I return every time I want to have a classy but relaxed girls lunch or evening out.

Foto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIU


I choose a table near the front window and I took a look around. The 20-cover dining room is so intimate, with low light and tasteful decor that makes me feel like I’m having dinner in someone’s home. Soon a server appears and walks me through the menu. He strikes just the right balance between taking his job seriously and having a sense of humor, which I like. Flipping over the menu I discovered that it offers big and extremely rich and savory portions. For my main course, I wanted to try the breathtaking ‘grilled salmon’ with broccoli, sea beans, lemon and a mustard sauce. The fish was just an orgy of flavor, was served at the perfect temperature, with a seriously engaging texture – and although the mustard sauce was fantastic in its own right, the salmon just didn’t need it! The real red roses bouquets complimented the aromas of my dish.

Meanwhile it might not be a Michelin star place, the quality of the food and preparation left me very satisfied. So I sit back and let the evening unfold. Of course I took advantage of this occasion to shot some pictures at the bar.
I recommend you to do whatever you feel from time to time, to pick your favorite dress from your wardrobe, to not wait for anyone to bring you flowers, but to buy them by yourself, to act like an independent princess and to brighten up your day however you want.
If you are looking for a place to have dinner or simply just to have a business meeting,
Haute Pepper Restaurant is more than perfect.
This restaurant it is what it is, because the people who run it have a real passion for what they do!
Foto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIU


I had an incredible evening at HAUTE Pepper Restaurant and Lounge and I want to thank one of my best friends who offered me this occasion. In the end I just want to invite you all, on Tuesday night, July 29th, to the Sushi Mission Event, where you can Watch Passaris cooking live for you!
Affligem beer is on the house!
See you there!


Location: Haute Pepper RESTAURANT

Make-up : Nicoleta Birsan

Hair-style: Color by Vali Sava

Everything after walking through those glass doors just seemed to align perfectly with what I love most, from the food – cold meat (hello in-house charcuterie!), cheese and wine (the 2011 pinot meunier for apéritif), to design and decor – simplicity at its finest, service – hands down the best I’ve ever received, right down to the custom made plate ware which I can tell you that I wasn’t the only one turning them upside down looking for answers.

It was also nice to have a familiar face looking after us and running the tables. The recommendations couldn’t be any more perfect for my palette and we were spoilt with a plentiful amount of delicious desserts which were paired amazingly with our dessert wine, the 2008 riesling. Make sure you get in early if you’re planning to go here for dinner (and didn’t make a reservation) as tables get full from around 7pm.

And he was right, I did love it, so much that I’m marking NOMAD as my new favourite restaurant. Not that I ever had one in particular before but now that category is filled. I know I’ll definitely be back!

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