HAPPY Easter!

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Happy Easter Guys! Because I want my blog to be an amazing adventure for you too, I always think of ways to make you SMILE and feel Happy!

 So, this last crazy photo shooting I did on Friday is my way of saying “Happy Easter” to all of you my friends! 

Enjoy the holidays and do it in style!

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And it’s not just about Happy Easter these days! I think everybody is much more happier because Spring is finally here! When spring starts we all feel like blossoming and waking up to life! A sunny spring day it’s so effective! Go outdoors, enjoy nature, gently move your body and connect to the environment.

This is what I was doing on Friday in Cismigiu Park to celebrate Spring and Easter!

Walking in the city with a colorful bouquet of balloons is something I had in mind for a long time ago. You know ME I like fairy tales and impossible missions. And believe me these crazy balloons were pretty impossible to be carried on around the city. I know it seems very funny but I must confess it’s not easy. Everybody was staring and craving about some pictures with them. Not to mention all the kids who wanted to buy the balloons.

My friends from LaParty offered me the balloons to have some fun with them while shooting new outfits for my blog. But they really gave headaches to my photographer. LaParty organize awesome parties for kids and if you want to surprise your little ones you can check the link www.laparty.ro and find out more about their services. 

Bunny this, bunny that, Easter eggs, overdose on chocolates and bright colors, flowers, happy faces and birdies singing to our happy moods. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I just landed in my unicorn and rainbows world. But I didn’t. It’s ‘only’ that amazing time of year again: EASTER holiday!  

Which for a fashionista like ME only means OUTFITS! 

Now it’s the right time to officially splurge on spring outfits, floral prints, bare legs, cute shoes and Gingham outfits! Gingham is everywhere, so make sure to add some of these items to your closet this season!

This Spring it’s all about the tiny check trend and I’m so excited to break it out on my blog today! I’ve always dreamt to find a combo like this that isn’t the typical pant suit silhouette. The word gingham is actually an appropriation of the Malay word genggang, meaning striped. The first ginghams were actually a striped fabric, but nowadays it’s exclusively plaid or checked pattern which we wouldn’t have any other way.

 The best part? It has a sexy, swingy vibe and it will always brighten up your look. It’s so fresh and chic and an absolute favorite for celebrating spring. And if you put on your golden oxford shoes you are good to go! They are a good transition between a sneaker and a sandal. They are so easy to pair with everything. You can throw on some colored socks for those mornings when it’s still a little chilly. Finding ones in neutral color makes them super versatile and something you can get away with wearing all throughout the week. Gingham is easy to add to any spring and summer outfit.

Stay tuned for more spring trends coming up on my blog!

Keep in mind that it’s less about what we wear and more how we wear it. Besides… this Sunday it’s about being with your family and friends in that unicorn rainbow world I was telling you about.

What exactly do you need for a Magical Easter?
Only a few ingredients, a couple of hours of fun and joy, sun and balloons and lots of smiles!

Happy holidays beautiful people and have the best time ever!

Happy Easter!


Photo Credit:   Virgil Hritcu

Make-Up & Hair Styling:   Camelia Nastu