Grotta Sfondata in Gargano

Grotta Sfondata in Gargano is a Great experience for everyone…!!!

With no ceiling, it lets the sunshine enter and light up the insides. It allowed us to admire the sea’s amazing clean color. One of the most amazing natural wonders I’ve ever seen…and I want to let you admire these incredible pictures I have made there. Taking a boat ride in the summertime is a great way to discover Gargano rugged coastline. It also houses numerous sandy beaches and tourist facilities, including resorts such as Vieste, Peschici and Mattinata. The two major salt lakes of Lesina and Varano are located in the northern part of the peninsula. Monte Gargano is the site of the oldest shrine in Western Europe dedicated to the archangel Michael, Monte Sant’Angelo sul Gargano.

For me, this part of Italy is a dream destination. I encourage everyone to visit once in a lifetime.

So…buy a ticket, get a tan & fall in love! Because ITALIA is LOVE!

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Well…as you might know already, last weekend I spent my summer holiday in Manfredonia, a small city located on the East coast of Italy, being part of Adriatic Sea and the province of Foggia, in Puglia. Manfredonia is situated on the coast, facing east, to the south of Monte Gargano, and gives its name to the gulf to the east of it.

Gargano is consisting of a wide isolated mountain massif made of highland and several peaks and forming the backbone of the Gargano Promontory projecting into the Adriatic Sea. Looking at the map of Italy, it’s the ‘spur’ of the boot. Most of the upland area is part of the Gargano National Park, founded in 1991.

The coast of Gargano, rugged by the wonderful white limestone cliffs, offers dream scenarios to the traveler who visits it. The cliff, in fact, holds inside secrets and natural wonders that throughout my experience I hope you will live them also. You will discover that this lesser-known region has a lot to offer.

I’m talking about the wonderful marine caves of Gargano with the spectacular Grotta Sfondata. True nature’s works of art that today makes this coast one of the marvels of our planet.

These masterpieces of the sea with unique and charming shapes, seem like paintings on this landscapes. Mysterious shades and a magical atmosphere left everyone breathless. It’s so difficult to describe in words the beauty of Gargano coastline. So it’s better for you to come here and visit this beautiful part of Italy. Also, visit the caves and the wonderful beaches of the South coast of Vieste. Many of them are accessible only by sea and are incredible beautiful and clean.

Since they were discovered, these caves fascinate the travelers from around the world. 

The One who fascinated me is Grotta Sfondata!

She decided to give a gift to the sea and to renounce at its roof to let the light enter and play with the sun rays. Inside the Cave, the sea is so happy that it gives a light blue-turquoise color and such a clearness. In fact, La Grotta Sfondata has a little beach inside, that gives enchanted magic. Well what can I say friends, a wonderful experience is little to say.

Mermaids, dreams, I think something fantastic must have been into these waters!!…

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The only way to get here is by boat on the Adriatic Sea.

I recommend you the services of to live this exciting experience between the sea and the wild nature of Gargano Coast. Every port of this territory is an ideal place for beginning your trip. Because I stayed in Manfredonia we took the boat from Marina di Manfredonia. Wonderful sunshine rays were playing with the waves during our entire adventure on the sea. It was such a hot summer day! But when we arrive at the first marvel, a small piece of Paradise, called Vignanotica Beach we forgot about everything. This beautiful beach called us to discover its wonders. With stones rounded by the sea invited us to take a swim in the sparkling, clear, calm and turquoise water.

Going out, with the charming Porto Greco Bay on one side and the blue horizon on the other side. We start our boat experience to discover of Gargano’s sea caves. I can’t show you pictures with all of them because I lost my battery during the trip.

So…I can only tell you that Grotta Sfondata from Gargano is breathtaking.

And I lived my fairy tale dreaming I was a mermaid waiting for my beloved men. The fantasy of Mother Nature in this land really has no limits..!! Totally amazing.

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In our exploration, we encounter the fantastic Baia della Zagare.

Zagare Bay is the most famous and most beautiful of Gargano coastline. Two long beaches are separated by two stacks located in the sea, called ‘Arco di Diomede’ and ‘Le Forbici’. With a beautiful design on the walls, they offer a breathtaking scenario. This particular limestone wall gives a unique emotion that cannot be described in words, it can only be lived. Here are two Beautiful beaches that can only be accessed by a daily pass and by using a staircase along the cliffs. Both beaches are pebbly, of relatively low depths and crystal clear sea.

Admiring from distance these wonderful beaches of Zagare Bay I decided to come back here very soon. 

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We return towards the port of Manfredonia being charmed by the sunshine rays that were playing with the waves and by the wind who caressed our skin and still kept us suspended between dream and reality.

The emotions are still strong in my mind and my soul began already to think about my next experience in this fairy tale world that is Italy.

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