GREY is the New Black

This season Say Hello to Grey is the New Black!

From Apple Macs and Iphones to interior design and the Fashion elite; it’s safe to say that Grey is most definitely the new Black!

Just the other day I was reading in Vogue, how GREY is a massive trend for 2014-2015 cold season. So, I thought why not talk about this. A very elegant shade if you ask me, with a touch of cool, a bit of sadness, poised class and cold refinement. Whether is feather light or dark like charcoal, I love the flexibility of its monochromatic color scheme. GREY is such a versatile hue, that easily takes me from the office, to cocktails or romantic walks in the park.



Have you ever had one of those days, where you feel like you’re in a fashion fairytale?

This is how I felt last Sunday taking these beautiful pictures, when the sun was having a desperate struggle with some very scary looking clouds. Once upon a time there was a girl that took her little grey dress, wrap down in a grey wool turtleneck, tuck her hair in and went for a walk in the park. I always think a grey sweater over a maxi dress, it’s perfect for a casual chic Sunday, when you want to feel cozy and warm. And one of the trends that it requires minimal effort during the colder seasons is wearing the hair tucked into your sweater, coat or shirt. I’m pretty sure many of you worn the trend without knowing it’s also huge for this Fall season. The dress I am wearing is without no doubt my favorite grey piece and one of my best buys ever, too.

While I will never give up or replace my all-black outfits, I will try the colored or less colored ones, such as the GREY TREND. Grey is the new Black this season! And being neutral it really goes with anything. Today I think it looks fantastic accessorized with my gorgeous embellished golden diadema.

However you choose to wear grey, go for it!

It’s apparently not only trendy, but also very easy to match, to style and to rock. It’s classy and chic! When you think you need a new Little Black Dress, think again because what you really need is a new Little Grey Dress. This fall Grey is going to be your go-to color!

This Fall Grey is the New Black!

Taking a look back into the fashion trends, every decade tends to have a clearly definable signature shade: black and white for the 60’s, earthy browns and yellows for the 70’s, electric blue and neons for the 80’s and black and grey for the 90’s. The first decade of the new millennium got a little confused with an ‘anything goes’ attitude to color. Now, in 2014, grey is undoubtedly the chicest shade!

Loved by fashion icons, models and designers alike, this fabulous shade is just as likely to be spotted behind the scenes and out on the streets. Soft, luxurious and never showy, Grey has become the ultimate expression of understated chic. 

And it’snot just a fashion phenomenon – grey is dominating modern design. From sleek Apple technology in silver to deep smokey walls splashed over the pages of glossy interior design magazines.

And let’s not forget the notorious top selling book of the decade so far:

50 Shades of Grey!

IMG_5833IMG_5835grey is the new black - wayfarerstyle6grey is the new black (2)|Dress: Zara| Sweater: River Island| Ankle boots: Stradivarius |Socks: H&M| Gloves: H&M |



Photo: Andrei Arhip

Make-Up:  Nicoleta Barsan – Make Up For Ever