Good selfie phenomenon?

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The question on everyone’s lips lately is how to take a good selfie…

So to good selfie or not to selfie?

And it’s clear everyone wants to have the best selfies! Wherever we go, we need to take good pictures, because they might go viral, right?

That’s why I thought to give you some insights about how you can be more photogenic and have that perfect look for the “click”.

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Don’t you just love a good selfie?

All the models and celebs are doing it. But how do they always manage to look so perfect?  How do they manage to always take good selfies?

Here are some secret tricks to get better selfies and even better quality photos.

The most important thing you just have to start paying attention is the Natural Light!

The trick is to stand in the shade facing the light so the picture doesn’t end up overexposed, unless that’s your intention. Always look just a bit off the lens, not directly into it. Leave your lips partly open, but just a teeny tiny bit. Use your best side, we all have one, and go for the profile when you can.

After these general tricks here comes the biggest part.

There are two important things in grooming to focus on if you wish to look “perfect”:

Flawless skin and hair

I think I’ve told you already that I have my particular beauty routines. One of them is a proper home made facial & steam once a week. I have to say that I’m so lucky to have a beautiful skin and no acne problems. What’s next is very simple!

My 5 step home beauty routine done every sunday evening before bed time is:

  • Cleaning – Cleanse twice with face wash to remove all make up and excess products. Use hot water to open up the pores.
  • Exfoliate – Take your fingers and use a facial exfoliating scrub to really cleanse those pores. Don’t use to much pressure rubbing as the skin is very delicate.
  • Steam – There are many ways to steam your face to open up your pores – my favorite is the traditional “heat up boiled water in a pot and dip your face above it covered with a cloth”. I usually leave it for 15 min but then again my pores are quite clogged so it’s very individual how long you should do it for.
  • Mask – Depending on your skin type and problem area, a clay mask is great if you have oily skin while a gel mask can hydrate your dry skin. Or you can try a new mask mixing together yoghurt and honey. After it my skin feels smooth like a baby.
  • Hydrate – Last step of the facial is to apply a good amount of a hydrating moisturizer. Your skin will absorb it and do her wonders.

As an add on to my beauty routine I also take the opportunity to tweeze and color my eye brows, remove any facial hair and bleach my teeth if I feel it’s getting time for that.

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Now let’s focus only on tips for great looking hair!

The basics for having great hair is to have a suitable haircut and color for yourself. This is the reason why it’s important to always go to a hairdresser for these things and avoid doing it yourself at home. I chosen Evidence Beauty Salon from Mall Baneasa because I always want to keep it healthy, thick and shiny even if it’s black. There I have discovered the best hair stylist, that feeds my hair with vitamins and minerals. And he always takes care to rid of those split ends! Come on, have rather shorter hair then you wish for, but in top notch quality instead of long with dry unhealthy ends.  I want to thank him for taking care of my hair! The Evidence Beauty salons can be found also at Unirea Shopping Center and Feeria, so if you are seeking for a hair treatment, this is the ones I suggest!

With high-quality hair products, moisturizing treatments and the magical hand of a very talented hairstylist, you can look perfect all the time. And this can be possible without visiting the salon every day.

I am a typical ‘hair addicted’ girl, who doesn’t only desire long, burned and unhealthy hair, but takes
care and loves it. For me it’s very simple anyway because I’m a genuine brunette and I love it.

You know how they say it: Brunettes do it better ! 😆  And It’s also cheap to be a brunette!

But we always look expensive. No roots to touch up and no dodgy dye jobs. There’s a good reason brown hair and chocolate share similar tones. Brunettes are sweet and delicious.

They even know how to take a good selfie!

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Secret truths: Obviously, the morning after I had my hair treatment done at Evidence Beauty Salon, I started to take selfies in my bed and thinking: to share or not to share on my Facebook Page?

This is the question (our nowadays philosophy). What and how many good selfies have I done that morning? I really don’t care, because you know me…I have it in my blood!

So, today I decided to share with you an entire article about how to look perfect when you take your good selfie!

If you have another question or tip for me…Please share it with a comment!

And please, show me your favourite morning good selfie because I still hope I’m not the only one crazy around here!



Many thanks to:

Evidence Beauty Salon & Andreea Filip | Hair

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