Good hair day

A Good Hair Day is the perfect photo opportunity, and it doesn’t matter if it’s windy or it’s raining. No, I’m used to that. One of the many times I tell myself “Damn, how lucky I am”. But that’s not the point. The point was my hair.

I had A Good Hair Day and I simply couldn’t miss that opportunity. And not only a Good Hair Day… my make-up was pretty amazing. One of the most underrated but key component of outfit building – is make up. Fashion and make up go hand in hand, you can’t really have one without the other.

You’re never really fully dressed without your face beat and your hair did, right?

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I wasted all my day for this photo shooting with Virgil Hritcu.

We always have so much fun together when we meet. I even got the chance to wear my favourite green dress from Ylana Fashion that day. Which fits perfectly with my new hair color thanks to ELGON Romania. Still not sure if that’s actually the color I wanted to get, but after months of thinking the idea got so deep into my brain that I couldn’t let go. And I finally decided when I met Elgon Romania professionals who told me about an amazing product for removing my black hair color.

So…What is doing a woman when she wants to change something in her life and to mark a new beginning?

She is changing her color hair or worst her boyfriend! 😆

Often, when you want to change your hair color, you MUST first remove the old pigments. For me it was such a difficult process. Since I can remember I am a convinced brunette. And I definitely believe that suits me so well.

But, here I am, shedding some much needed light to my new hair color and some little tips I’ve learnt along the way. And to help me better demonstrate take a look on – the latest star product recently launched by ELGON Cosmetics.

Well, how many times has not happened to you a disaster when you tried to get a 2-3-4 tones lighter color ?

Yes, I know, many times! Elgon gave me a saving solution for a Good Hair Day: COLOR REMOVER!

A revolutionary product designed to remove the old color, for the new structure to fit perfectly in your hair! The product is intended for those who want to quit dark hair and don’t want to damage their hair. Elgon specialists know how important is that the products must protect the hair health. So…they launched COLOR REMOVER, a revolutionary product that removes all artificial pigment from the hair. Basically, by using COLOR REMOVER you are doing your hair a “color wash” at every application. The product can be safely used in the same day several times until the hair is clean and free of any pigment.  The only condition is that your hair must be thoroughly rinsed between uses.

Color Remover is a professional product that corrects the undesired artificial color pigments, without damaging your hair color and its properties. It can be used for small or total color change and consists of two phases that must be used always together. After the color correction process it must be carried out the normal hair dyeing.

You may have noticed that I’ve been really getting into this whole beauty thing lately, as an addition to my styling and outfit posts. I know there’s make up gurus and many beauty bloggers, alongside fashion bloggers, but very few bridging the gap between the two. So…that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve always loved wearing make up, and over the past six months have really tried new products, techniques and brands.

And one I’ve recently developed mad love for is ELGON Cosmetics. 

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So…what do you think?

Am I having a GOOD Hair Day or not?