Giamba with Chiara Ferragni

Giamba with Chiara Ferragni was something I never dreamed of!

Sure, Milan Fashion Week has so much to offer! But I never thought I will stay on the same row with one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world. Chiara is so sweet and kind that you even want to kiss her! And our outfits had the same color that day!

But let’s start with the beginning…Early in the morning we left the apartment and went to see Bulgari showroom inside BULGARI Hotels & Resorts Milano. Here I was amazed by a glamorous entrance and such a luxurious location. Of course, the presentation was the same. Then we shot some pictures on our way to Emporio Armani Cafe where I had my morning coffee.

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In the end, we finally arrived at Giamba fashion show, via Giuseppe Compagnoni 12. The new Giambattista Valli fall winter 16-17 collection was pretty punk rock. I think it’s a sign that young designers in Milan, like Valli and Moschino are fond of the 80’s. Valli is not a New Yorker, but he’s a longtime fan of the place and he looked to the gritty 1980s for his Fall 2016 Giamba collection. “It’s a little kinky, a little dangerous, and really fun,” said Valli, whose models wore platform combat creepers and little leather hats, oversize crystal-embroidered sweatshirts and shaggy fur coat parkas. It was a nostalgia for the chemical madness of youth.

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Let’s not forget that Milan is also one of the most vibrant cities in the world for street style, along with the catwalk. The vibe on Milano’s streets is amazing these days. Fashion bloggers, fashion editors and other influencers from the industry are trying to get noticed by the street style photographers.

I’m really amazed about everything, even if it’s fast paced. Everybody is going crazy during Milan Fashion Week and if I weren’t so busy with my shootings and fashion shows I would’ve just sit and watch people running from a place to another. During fashion week the most important thing is to capture the perfect image of yourself. In the evening you sit back and see online what you have missed from that day. And rest your feet!  🙄 

Anyway, for the third day of Milan Fashion Week I’m presenting a stylish outfit with red details. The Tom Ford sunglasses and the checked Kraxy Rabbit jacket with furry pockets were the hot elements of my outfit. I know you’ve heard that I am a huge fur admirer and that I own some furry items. Well, yes. It’s true. I have to admit I am way too vulnerable when it comes to all these temptations. Now I’m tempting you with an eye catcher Kraxy Rabbit jacket with furry pockets. Check their website and you will find more statement pieces!

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See you soon!


Photo Credit:   David Ghisa Photographer