Get Catty with Cat Eye Makeup !

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 Hey Shopaholicas! Get ready for new makeup tutorials!

This is the most classic look in history and is practiced by a lot of women all around the world. The cat eye makeup can be really flirtatious, colorful and goes well in every combination.

Cat Eye is definitely my favorite make-up so far. It’s so easy to do and requires not so much of make-up.

Less makeup means less work! It minimizes the probability that you will be hurt by the rain attack. I think there is no secret, that lots of celebrities wear this makeup today. Cat Eye MakeUp it looks so voguish and elegant. Today I am going to share with you some of this makeup tips.



The best advice is to go simple and natural with your lips and cheeks. You must give more attention to your eyes, using perfect eyelash curler and mascara or a liquid eyeliner. Below you will find a great tip on how to make cat eyes using dark colored eye shadow, which has a smoky effect.
Thin, thick, aggressive, romantic, sexy are the adjectives that are attributed to this popular make-up. Known for its many names, this famous makeup inspired by the 50’s, is still making waves. With a simple eye tail, we are not only divine! We are helping the elevation of our look and we will eliminate the fatigue face.

So, how not to be a favorite among us?



Below you can see pictures with different celebrities who appear with cat eye look. It seems to me, that Cara Delevigne, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie love this makeup, as they use different cat eye styles.

At first glance it may look difficult, but it’s more easy and quick when you see it broken down to many steps. Take a look at the tutorial photos and try to achieve this makeup by yourself. Once you try it, you’ll become addicted to it.

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I simply adore this look and can’t go out without Cat Eyes!