Freedom instead of anything


Freedom is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about my last shooting.

And so much I’d like to share with you today my thoughts about why I choose Freedom instead of anything.

Over the years I realized that there’s nothing more important to me than freedom. Whether it’s in my personal life or creatively feeling free. Feeling like you can choose, and be ruled by your instincts and your guts is priceless. I truly wish and hope we could all be ruled by the genuine feeling of wanting to enjoy the life to the fullest without fear. Without asking ourselves too many questions.



I simply choose freedom by embracing the moment and living it with intensity and passion.

I love to let life surprise me. And you?

Freedom is the word I have in my head when I close my eyes and think about how lucky and blessed I am to live my life the way I want to. This kind of crazy, bohemian life where it all comes and goes, where I step into the unknown each day. Where I wander without really feeling lost, just knowing that I’m heading somewhere special, somewhere magical no matter what.

Having this belief is what keeps me going.

When you choose to live a life chasing your dreams, and living outside the box, you realize how big the world is and how it’s filled with endless possibilities. The choices you made, build your story, and eventually your life. And each one of them can teach and show you something interesting and valuable.

Freedom is not necessarily letting our doubts and insecurities stop us from living unforgettable moments. If you ever let them stop you, regrets might come knock on your door sooner or later. Some might say that living like that is reckless and that one needs boundaries, reason… I won’t disagree. But doesn’t mean hurting others or yourself for the sake of running wild and free. Freedom means not putting labels on things. Means honesty, transparency in regards to others and ourselves.

Going after something we want without fear, being connected with our hearts and ruled by authenticity…means Freedom.

A lot of people ask me, Where I see myself in ten years?

Setting any expectations feels like I’m taking away from that freedom of mind I am currently in… As a matter of fact, I don’t want to know where I am heading. With a heart full of dreams and ambitions is enough for me to guide my steps and keep me in the center.

I realized all I’m really seeking in life, is beautiful stories, moments to remember forever.

And you know what is more important? Sharing and caring, giving without waiting for anything in return. Because when you don’t have big expectations, you’ll never be disappointed. I finally reached this wisdom. And I’m grasping each second of my life as if it was the last. As long as I keep living like that, it doesn’t really matter what I’ll be doing in a few years. Because I know for sure that I’ll be able to find happiness in all the smallest things around me.

Like today when I’m feeling like a Greek Goddess running through this wheat field. This time in a warm, white maxi dress with bare shoulders to show you the trend of the moment.



Do you want to know what it is?

It’s the flash tattoo, a mix between a jewel and a tattoo. Giving light to the skin is great to show off by the beach or to a boho party. A Flash tattoo can be applied to your skin in a few minutes and remains fixed for 4-5 days. It can take the form of a bracelet, a necklace or a ring, presenting bright colors such as gold and silver.

I think that I will yield to the tendency this summer….and you? What do you think about them?



As you might have understood, today’s theme is freedom

and these images were inspired obviously by it. It was my biggest pleasure to play with for this new project.

I hope you guys will enjoy it, sending you all my love.



Photo Credit: Virgil Hritcu

Make Up: Hotaran Denise Olga