Flirting with summer in my bikini

How many photos can you handle of me in my bikini?

Probably just as many as we were capable of shooting with a whole beach of onlookers staring at me either completely confused or giggling to themselves. I’m so used to shooting photos in front of hundreds of people so whenever I start to get awkward I simply remind myself :

“You’ll more than likely never see these people again”, which makes it easy to make the most of each moment and not get caught up with people judging, or laughing. Plus I’m positive they find it more hilarious to watch than anything else.



After a scorching day exploring through Athens it was idyllic to come back to the incredible blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The sea and tasting the salt is enough to refresh any mind during summer.

Greece, in particular the colourful town of Glyfada, has stolen my heart and sends my mind into overdrive with the thought of living the perfect life in this town. White buildings, cute pebbled alleyways and balconies adorned with fresh flowers fill the small town, with this beautiful and ethereal light filling each little street as it bounces and twirls off each white wall. Beautifully rocky coves and intimate hidden beaches are the perfect home to Greek crystal clear and turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

Is the perfect spot for what us women want from an European vacation. Just long for the opportunity to relax, unwind and soak up in the sun. For some, it’s a chance to show off those bikini bodies we work so hard for, or to undo all of our stresses and “go for it” with fantastic food and wine.

But we should not forget to take care of our skin, especially during a beach vacation in Greece. After 30’s I’ve become hyper-aware about looking after my skin under the sun. I know I’m not the only one.

So I wanted to share a few of my summer skin tricks.



Sounds obvious, but how many of us actually use body exfoliants on the regular basis? If you engage in any kind of hair removal, then it’s time to make exfoliating part of your shower routine.

If you’re feeling like splashing out, Guinot is actually magic in a tube.


All hail the one piece – if you believe the age old cliche of less is more, then is makes sense that the one piece is often more sexy than an itty bitty bikini. It’s also a winner if you want to save delicate areas from sun exposure. This summer I’m all about one piece swimsuits.


Depending on your skin tone or desire to be extra golden, it pays to fake it. To me fake tan sometimes feels like the height of vanity, but in reality, it’s a hell of a lot smarter than sitting in the sun for hours on end.

Generally I don’t have the patience or application skills for fake tan, but I will say that Guinot self-tanning moisture cream from Topline Romania really does deliver a seamless tan without any streaks or weird smells.


It blows my mind how often I’ll see girls applying an oil with SPF 6 or something equally ludicrous. Opt for an oil-free facial sunscreen 365 days of the year (yes, you can get sun damage even when it’s cloudy) and then apply generously SPF 30+ on your body when and where needed.

I swear by Guinot Age Sun Protective SPF 20 sunprotection religiously. And by Academie Sun Stick for eyes with SPF 50+ the best budget option available.


It’s the oldest swimwear trick in the book (Baywatch anyone?). Both colors help in creating an illusion of a tan not to mention are universally flattering. The Ylana Shop swimwear has serious Pammy Andy vibes going on which I’m definitely in love with.

What do you think?

If anyone has any magical oil-free sunscreens or must-have summer products, please do share!
Kissess 😉