Feeric Red Skirt

For the third day of Feeric Fashion Days in Sibiu I decided to enlighten my outfit with a Red Skirt.

Sometimes we have the tendency to forget about simplicity and we like to make things complicated. Especially when we talk about fashion! I don’t like to wear many accessories or too much makeup very often. I knew that a Red skirt it will be enough that day and it will make a statement outfit. From the moment I saw this Feeric red skirt on l’Armario Shop I thought it was perfect for Feeric Fashion Festival in Sibiu.

So, today I’m showing you another ferric outfit, but so simple and elegant in the same time. Simple and effective. The golden clutch from H&M and this l’Armario red skirt are the hot elements of my outfit.

Don’t forget that Attitude means everything when you wear RED!

In the end, beauty and personal style come from within and are reflected on the outside.

feeric red skirt 1IMG_0102IMG_3067feeric red skirt 11

The third day of Feeric Festival in Sibiu started with Charles & Ron fashion show in the inner courtyard of Brukenthal Palace. The setting matched the collection perfectly and the show was a real success. The garden Palace was transformed into a unique walkway, surrounded by high walls with large windows where black and white pieces were interwoven with fine details of silk and floral decorations. It was one of my favorite shows because everything was so nice coordinated: the colors with the garden, the music with the models attitude…the hair and makeup were also perfect. 

The two Maltese designers, Charles de Borg and Ron van Maarschalkerweerd are present for the third time at Feeric Fashion Days.

“The collection is inspired by tumultuous Maltese market and has many silk and floral decorations. It’s always awesome here at Feeric Fashion Days. For us it’s a great experience and we will definitely return next year, “said Maltese designers.

IMG_51972015-07-151Charles & Ron MALTABrukenthal - Dragos DumitruIMG_5233IMG_2545IMG_9720IMG_9788IMG_2513IMG_3070feeric red skirt 7 - wayfarerstyle.com


That day Feeric Festival, was marked by rain as it happens every year. Everybody knows that rain is already a tradition here, at Feeric Fashion Days. The evening splashes added an extra spectacle to Basak Cankes Turkish fashion show that took place on famous Cetatii Street. 

Turkish designer Basak Cankes debuted at Feeric Fashion Days with an unique collection, where natural leather met fluid materials and multicolored prints. Handwoven works of Firat Neziroglu and the art photographs of Murathan Ozbek became an wearable art collection. The whole collection is an interface between people and the Moment. Basak Cankes claims the human body as an exhibition field in her collection. I loved the entire collection and I want all the outfits in my wardrobe…If this could be possible! The collection include oversized coats, crop tops combined with leather vests and skirts. She used Der-Liebling accessories, whiskey browns, tones of blue, pink, green and white. Bashaques collection represents the connection of each moment of our lives with each other in an organic way.

Sibiu is very traditional and romantic! I fell in love with the atmosphere of the city. The location matched perfectly with my collection. I think the wall texture where the presentation took place highlighted each piece, “said Basak Cankes after the show.

She also announced that her next collection will be inspired from Gaudi paintings.

IMG_0586Basak Cankes TURKEYIMG_9797Basak Cankes TURKEY1Basak Cankes TURKEY3IMG_5433IMG_0844feeric red skirt 12 - wayfarerstyle.comIMG_9777IMG_9766IMG_9824IMG_9854


The day was full of contrasts – from the cold rain to the golden mellow light at sundown. I think this is the main reason why we are coming to Feeric Fashion Days every year. For the fresh vibe, for the euphorically powered people that run all around the city to make this phenomenon happen…But also for the amazing people here in Sibiu.

Sibiu has something special to give and is one of my favorite cities in Romania!

The third day continued with another four fashion shows at Feeric Venue/Redal Expo: Aioffe from Bucharest, K11 – Clothes Concept from Pitesti, Tenue de Saf from Timisoara and Bojana Dolamic from Serbia. I was really impressed by the girls who created Aioffe brand and loved one of their black evening dresses. Also I found some pieces at K11 – Clothes Concept, the brand I have already worked with.

The night ended with a party in our Feeric Club hosted by Ben DJ.

I will let the photos tell you the story…



We are Feeric!


Photo Credit

Ghita Nicoara /Adrian Murgeanu/ Andra Dumitrescu / Cornel Petrus Photography