Feeric Fashion from plane to Evangelical Church

The second day of the most important fashion show in Eastern Europe, Feeric Fashion Days, began early in the morning with a total atypical fashion show at Sibiu International Airport. With the support of Sibiu International Airport and Blue Air Company, Designers by AforA brand from Sibiu presented a multi brand black&white collection, where the models came directly from an airplane on Sibiu Airport runway.

Everybody was so excited about this special and unique idea of Mitichi to organize a fashion show on the runway after a Blue Air airplane landed in Sibiu. The passangers where also very curious about what’s happening there when they saw so many photographers and Feeric people near the runway. Also the represantatives of Blue Air company were so thrilled about this idea and give all their support to Feeric Fashion Days. The models paraded in elegant dresses and cocktail outfits in an exceptional setting, the catwalk of Sibiu International Airport! I loved this original idea, the creativity and professionalism of Mitichi’s team! It is for sure one of my best memories from Feeric Fashion Days around all these amazing people. It will remain forever in my mind.

“Since the begining of this operation at Sibiu International Airport, Blue Air company has supported Feeric Fashion Days actions and promoted Sibiu and this amazing Fashion Festival in the pages of Blue Air magazine and told the story of these talented people from Sibiu. Feeric Fashion Days is another project that allows us to be closer to the locals. The Romanian designers present at Feeric Fashion Days this year convinced us to join the event, “said the representatives of Blue Air Company.

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Outfit: H&M combo, Sandals: Zara, Bag: Mura Gura, Sunglasses: Prada



At sunset, Bianca Popp, one of the designers with experience at Sibiu Feeric Fashion Days fashion, presented a new collection in a fabulous setting in front of the main entrance of Huet Evangelical Church. Directed by Pablo Patan, one of the most renowned artistic directors of the world major fashion weeks, Bianca collection sparked rounds of applause from spectators attending the show.

“This place was perfect for presenting my collection. I admit I cheated, I knew the location before the fashion show. I was inspired by the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch lifestyle when I created this collection. I wanted to have some clothes that fit a life that I want, too. The organization of Feeric Fashion Days is impeccable,”says Bianca Popp.

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Bianca Popp’s collection was one of my favorites from Feeric Fashion Days. She impressed me again with her minimal accents and the lightening of her clothes.

The last four presentations of Day 2 took place at Feeric Venue/Redal Expo. Mihher, Go Style, Spencer – with an exclusively men collection and Parisian lingerie brand Lise Charmel ended a perfect day.

“I am really amazed. The festival is very trendy, has style and is extremely well organised. During the fashion show at Alba Iulia I was in Paris for the Fashion Fair,  but now I’m so happy that I’ve managed to arrive in Sibiu for the festival. I would be very happy to come back next year at Feeric Fashion Days”, says Rachel Guironnet-Perrin, Export Area Manager of Lise Charmel Parisian brand.

Another show worth watching was Go Style, a very youthful and energetic collection that managed to put a smile on everybody faces. Believe it or not, the designers of this collection are highschool students.

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Feeric Fashion Days takes place from 7 to 12 of July in Sibiu. The event is organized by Mitichi Foundation and financed by the City Council of Sibiu.



Photo Credit: Cornel Petrus Photography / Ghita Nicoara / Bogdan Brylynski