Fast cars shooting stars

Fast cars and shooting cars …You guys know by now that I have a thing for fast cars!

I’ve had the pleasure of driving some great cars over the years. But I love it when I find a convertible one. It’s really my type of car especially on summer.

I love fast cars like I love my outfits – sleek, rich and exciting as hell with the perfect balance of sex appeal and class. Looks aside, substance and quality are paramount to support such traits. Not asking for much, right? Well if I am, I was lucky enough to experience all these qualities during my shooting with this grey beauty.

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It’s an exhilarating piece of machine, elegantly combining sports performance with high end luxury. And when the top is down, the amazingness just multiplies. I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen behind the wheel of this gorgeous thing? Put it in sports mode, give it a boost and the whole experience becomes explosive.

BMW 3 Series convertible type is equivalent to this bandage black sexy dress from – it fits me perfectly in style and performance. This particular model is in my favourite shade of all time and match my red soles. It’s like the Louboutin of cars – not the most practical but looks and feels so damn good with its metallic paint.

Its shape is attention-commanding, and so speedy, ensuring you won’t be late for that meeting. And if you are, all is excused when they see you pull up to the scene in this baby. Ohhh…and this damn sexy dress!

I don’t know many things about technology so you can check for more complete details on . All I know is that I want a bad ass like this. If you love it as much as I do, and have the means to purchase… then do it without hesitation.

Not only is it stunning to look at, but is fun as hell to drive…especially with the top down! It’s uber luxurious and commands attention in all the right ways. She’s a complete head turner in the street.

What else can I say about this photo shooting? One word: amazing!

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Whether the hardtop is closed or open, I’m ready to conquer the world with this baby.

But first let’s match our shoes to our lipstick and our ride to our outfit. Right?

Maybe fast cars aren’t always available at one’s disposable but when they are… just follow through with this little tip 😉