Falling into Fall

I’m Falling into Fall these days. It’s mid-October already. Days are now remarkably chillier, but after an incredibly kind September, I feel ready to cover up and embrace the Fall season in sweet sweaters.

Personally, I love this transition period between seasons. As the nights become colder I like to wrap myself in cozy knitwear, usually sweaters or cardigans while leaving the bottom half more summerish. This way I get the best from both worlds. So today’s look it’s a chic and sophisticated combination between black lace and knitwear.



Every once in a while, you need to throw on a dress that makes you feel both sexy and powerful. Now, I know you don’t need a dress to feel either of those traits, but some days it sure does help and this black lace dress does it for me. It’s the perfect dress for a night out, elegant while remaining sexy, giving you an incredibly tall and elongated feel. I looked for a long time a black lace dress and I finally found it at Zara this summer. I have to admit wearing this dress makes a woman feel fairly good about herself. I don’t think anyone’s ever complained about a little-added confidence!

Today I’m wearing it with metallic sandals and an oversized sweater creating a casual and cool look perfect for a night out. The result of this “take a look” was my vintage beautiful hat 🙂 For me, hats are necessary, simply because I think they belong to an autumnal look. I love the mix of metal against knitwear. My new Zara sweater is definitely a favorite now because it keeps super warm and can easily be combined with almost everything.

If I had to pick one outfit to wear for the whole fall season, this would be it.
The combination of lace and knit is a match made in Fall fashion heaven. There are so many great trends this season, especially with knitwear consistently in the spotlight. There is the knit on knit trend, the XL oversized knit, knits with formal wear – you just have to choose it! As much as I’m a little sad to see summer disappear, autumn has always been much more appealing when it comes to getting dressed. You don’t have to think about too many factors. Most importantly it’s the best season to mix textures in comfort. Many people are hesitating until they see it on someone else. I was personally influenced by the runway shows and street style and I had to discover the combination of these two staples on myself. I really love it! The only problem is that the weather is getting colder everyday meaning that sandals will soon cannot be worn.

What’s your favorite combination for this Fall?


Foto: Vali I. Popa

Location:  the Scoop at more  London