Exploring MANFREDONIA Italy

Manfredonia coastline is the ideal starting point in order to begin your holiday on Gargano Peninsula. Opened to the Adriatic Sea, Manfredonia is considered the door of Gargano and the largest city of Puglia region. Today is one of the most important ports of the Magna Greece.

As you might know already, two weeks ago I flew to Italy for a much-needed break. For the instant summer kick, I chose one of the lesser regions of Italy, the sizzling Gargano. Is not so famous like Amalfi Coast or Capri Island but I found out that recently became one of the favorite celebs holiday destination.

However, if you read my upcoming posts, you’ll see that it has much more to offer than other parts of Italy.

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To fully enjoy my short vacation I knew choosing the right location of my hotel was crucial. I wanted to stay close enough to the town to be able to stroll down the beautiful white streets, and at the same time wanted to sleep in without being interrupted by the constant noise of the busy atmosphere. I was lucky to find Casa Manfredi as it is located in the center of this small town. The hotel is only 10 min away from the beach and has romantic sunrise views over the coastline.

What blew me away at Casa Manfredi Bed & Breakfast was the owner’s attention to detail. Each and every room is well-thought-out with the guests’ comfort in mind. Every studio has its own design and a spacious terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast and reply to all the emails, as the WiFi is working great. In the evenings I recommend sipping some Rose wine, which is subtly lit so you can still see the stars.

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If you visit Manfredonia you’ll realize of its important past in which was also one of the main harbours of Italy for relations with the East. Manfredonia is located in the Gulf with the same name and develops its extension in the hills and along the coast in the area of Siponto. To witness the ancient greatness of Siponto, its historic village conserves still today the structure of an old cathedral, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.  Manfredonia also owns a wetland in the area called Lago Salso, spread on 550 acres.

I was mostly fascinated by Manfredonia imposing Castle, built by the son of Frederick II to defend the territory from the frequent Saracen invasions. Castello Svevo Angioino-Aragonese is definitely the best spot to capture the whole city with your camera, full of stunning architecture and historical richness. Today the fortress is home to the National Archaeological Museum of Gargano, which houses the famous Daunian steles. From here you can admire the most beautiful sunsets over the sea.

The city centre is in and around the Piazza del Popolo, overlooked by the Town Hall, the former monastery of San Domenico, which incorporates the remains of the old chapel, built by Charles II of Anjou (1285-1309).

Not to be forgotten is also the magnificent baroque Cathedral, built in 1680, with its distinctive bell tower. Inside the Cathedral, entitled to San Lorenzo Maiorano, patron of the city, you can admire frescoes of 1940 and 1941, in addition to paintings, old books.

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Manfredonia is now a rich City Centre, with an important port and an economy developed in several areas. For years she has cultivated the ambition to make it the capital of the province, but this dream never saw the day for a variety of reasons related to the nearby Foggia.

After exploring Manfredonia you can return to Siponto, a seaside resort just two kilometres away known for its beach and the sea, rich in shells, starfish, sponges, sea horses and fish. Lungomare di Manfredonia is pretty popular with a diverse range of visitors, including families, honey mooners and international youth tourists. The beach is long enough that you can explore for quite some time without getting too tired of the vacationing crowds.

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Manfredonia offers many interesting sights –

from churches, buildings, small gardens, beaches and the main limestone-paved street, Corso Manfredi. My visit was short but sweet. I know I will most definitely return very soon.

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