We found paradise in EDEN ROC!

On our second day in Cannes we took a boat and emerged at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. It’s a private mansion opened as an Antibes hotel in 1870 overlooking the French Riviera like a perfect postcard. It’s the kind of corner where you feel as if they shut the gates behind you and you would never know a world outside anymore…nor care to. These old walls could tell many secrets, like the affair between Taylor and Burton. Here you will feel as if nobody else exists…and if you listen closely in the silence of the garden, you can hear the sea calling like the distant sound of the late night trumpet.

At the water’s edge sits the magnificent Restaurant Eden Roc where we sipped on white wine and enjoyed the views. Near our table Ewan Mc Gregor did press interviews and Sasha Baron Cohen took photographs of his parents on vacation. This place is crazy! It’s a little weird, hysterical and incredible that you can see so many celebrities everywhere. Photographers end up climbing on the rocks or even staying in trees to take photos and trying to catch a glimpse of anything glamorous.

This day sits in my memory as one of those beautiful days where the sun came out, everyone was smiling, we were young and beautiful and the world still had magic. I read somewhere there is a plaque in the garden that says

Ce qui sera, c’est ce qui fut”- “what will be, is what was”…

and this day was perfect.

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A glittering jewel in the Riviera‘s crown, the maze streets of Antibes’ and inspiring natural setting are worth visiting. Gateway to Cap d’Antibes, the resort town was a favorite haunt for artists like Picasso and Matisse. Stroll through the botanic gardens or visit the superb Musée Picasso, testament to the artist’s devotion to his one-time home.

The sublime Hotel du Cap Eden Roc is known as the most splendid hotel in France and a celebrity paradise. Spectacularly renovated in cool, subtle hues, the palatial estate shimmers like a mirage and boasts a guest list that reads like a Who’s Who of the 20th and 21st centuries. A word to the wise: non-Hollywood types may want to try booking rooms a year in advance. Expect to see stars like Madonna and Cameron Diaz hanging out by the cool pool, which is unique in that it’s blasted into seaside bedrock.

As the late afternoon set in, the rain returned as we did to Cannes.  That particular night we attended an official dinner at Restaurant La Palme d’Or. This is Martinez 2 Michelin stars restaurant, hosting the great French Chef, Christian Sinicropi, who offers his patrons an authentic and refined cuisine inspired by the French Riviera. The setting is terrific – a big terrace overlooking the Mediterranean backed by a refined dining room of art deco inspiration with movie star photos on the walls. There may even be a real movie star in the room. And when the hostess adds that we are sitting at a table where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoyed a meal one night, I thought this is probably the closest I’ll get to Hollywood! If you’re dining here, I suggest you admire the breathtaking view before the food arrives. Because once it does you’re going to be very distracted. With two waiters and one sommelier looking out, my every whim was catered before I even realize it and for a moment, I almost believe I was a movie star. The food fits the frame. From Mediterranean bases it weaves a tangle of ingredients and tastes which remind you why you’ve got taste buds. No surprise that the place carries 2 Michelin stars. Adding to the merriment is the quite astounding verbosity of the menu. As is common knowledge, French Chefs are required by the constitution to reel out pompous purple prose by the yard. Christian Sinicropi establishes what may well be a world-record in the matter. His menu descriptions are longer than La Croisette, his pen as heavy as a brick. The restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Sinicropi and his involvement in every single aspect are clearly visible. When I noticed the unique dishes used, I am told that the chef and his wife recently learned pottery and the dishes were handmade by his wife. Petite fours were served in a dish shaped like a carousel, with little ants painted along the center. I think that the dessert doesn’t get cuter than this!

If God is in the details, then Chef Sinicropi is definitely high priest!

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The food was fantastic and Palme d’Or was the perfect place to celebrate this special occasion of feeling like a movie star in Cannes. I slipped peacefully to bed, dreaming about Eden Roc Garden that has captured my imagination so.