Dream Big Work Hard

Always Dream BIG and Work Hard for achieving those Dreams!

I would like to start by wishing you all a very happy 2016! Just wanted to say Thank you to all my incredible followers and everyone who has supported me in 2015…May all your dreams and wishes come true and may this year bring you nothing but happiness and joy! I believe that 2016 will be at least as good with us all, every day being a fantastic gift ready to be unwrapped.

2015 was surely the most exciting and interesting year for me, full of experiences and new challenges. Today I was going through my bag of memories and realized that it has been an amazing and crazy year for me! I don’t know when the time flew but we are already on 10th January 2016.

And now I’m working on a NEW ME and setting down some goals for this year…


The starting point of all achievement is desire…Life has taught me that we have this incredible power to actually shape our Future!

So…My mantra for 2016 is DREAM BIG and Work Hard!

Even though a lot of people are against this idea, I’m one of those who thinks that nothing in our lives is for free.

I’m a firm believer that our path is not written in the stars…we are the only responsible for our choices and for the life we Live!

Sometimes we use to think that there are people that seems to have everything without striving too much. But I’m pretty sure that everyone has passed through bad times in their lives or they will.

Nothing is Free nowadays and Nothing is Forever! …One of the things I’ve learned during my life.

So…I like to focus on my DREAMS, my goals and work hard each and every day to achieve them. One of my biggest dreams is to bring AV Style to another level and to be the inspiration for more women around the world. I hope that my passion is noticed on the results of my daily work…

I’m telling you this because I will continue to invest everything I have – my time, my energy and all my money to get more long – term benefits. Many of you have told me recently that I did a big improvement with my blog pictures and the pictures of my social networks and this is true. I’m still struggling to find a good photographer because I want to improve the quality of my images even more.

Talking about my look, it’s another one from the mountains, when I decided to wear something comfy and merge with the environment choosing my favorite booties from Moon Boots. I was prepared for snow but it didn’t appear. Below I’m wearing a turtleneck wool sweater and skinny pants.

And now it’s time to 

Do what the Fuck makes you happy

cause at the end of the day, who’s there? … JUST YOU


Focus your Mind and Work Hard and mostly Work Smart!

Don’t ever Lose Sight of the Objective and Listen to Your Inner Voice!…At the end of the day You’ll find out that people will talk…But don’t Listen and Go Your Own Way!

 Smile and Be Positive! Let Go your Fears! Cry if sometimes is a Must! Indulge Yourself and Be Kind with YOU!

There is No Failure Option = You Made It