Doing the Skirt Over Pants!

Today I’m Doing the skirt over pants trend!

Something I never thought I’d even consider trying, but when I assembled this look – it just felt right. Love it or hate it, I think the skirt or dress over pants is here to stay. Who wants to just wear a dress anymore? No one! It’s just too easy.

After seeing this year fashion shows, the new trend suddenly hit me. For this Fall season, designers like Céline, Balenciaga, Kenzo and Giorgio Armani are challenging us to wear dresses or skirts over pants. They styled it so simple and beautiful that I didn’t even realized at first sight that it was a dress or a skirt over pants.

A super cool way to bring your summer dress or skirts to the next (winter) level.



So the latest catwalk reports tell us it is all about layering. And apparently we should be layering skirts over pants to create fluid lines and movement while we walk. Does this style appeal to you? Try wearing your Summer dress or skirt over some jeans or pants! Just think of it as simply wearing leggings under a dress. Skinny leggings (especially black) with a pencil skirt is a strong look also. All this layering in different shades and sizes probably sounds more complicated than it is! It’s in our multi-tasking gene to wear more than one outfit at once! Traditional Indian dress favors the layered look with an abundance of material while some Middle Eastern women wear, for example, abayas over skinny jeans.

I remember being in fifth or sixth grade and seeing skirts over pants everywhere. It was the trendiest thing then. This look came back this season and I’m giving it also a try today on my blog. A plain long skirt, flared pants and a lace front cardigan all from Zara give this concept a trendier feel than what you might remember. Instead of pairing this look with skinnies, I took it to the bell bottom to demonstrate the versatility. Adding a pop of color with a cardigan and a lovely faux fur stole  I made my look so cozy and interesting as wellThe accessories are the ‘piece de resistance’! The exquisite diadema was all the outfit needed for a sophisticated look.

For me, autumn dressing it’s a lot about juggling between keeping warm and looking fabulous! so I’m always in the look for pieces that would thick both boxes successfully. Faux fur has certainly become something of a wardrobe staple for the 2014 autumn/winter season. I like to incorporate furry pieces into my day-to-day outfits. Faux fur is everywhere this season, from furry stoles to go with evening dresses to full-on faux fur jackets, 1960s-inspired furry peter pan collars and gilets plus cute hats and mittens. This trend is FUR – REAL and I think it’s perfect if you want to try something different and a little bit daring.

The “skirt over pants” trend was making a full fledged return this season. From Celine to Balenciaga and Kenzo, there’s no doubt that the once unconventional is becoming fashionable, but really, just how wearable is the skirt over pants look?

Would you wear a skirt or dress over pants? What do you think about this look of mine?




Make – Up : Nicoleta Birsan

Hair Styling : Oana Marica Beauty Studio

Location:  Nicolae Golescu Street