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Cincsor Transylvania

Discover a wonderful peaceful oasis at Cincsor Transylvania Guest Houses!

The older I get the more in love I am with spending peaceful and relaxed weekends. As many of you know, I have so much love for making the little things in life feel grand. Whether it be styling, entertaining, or fashion (of course!), I love bringing a touch of romance into my everyday life. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to take some days off and to visit Transylvania thanks to Jaguar Romania. They were so kind to me and they gave me a Jaguar XE for a test-drive. I now realise there are so many beautiful parts of our country I do not know.

Similar to many villages, Cincsor is one of those charming quintessential ones that make you proud to be Romanian. Imagine a village with wonderful medieval buildings, an old church fortified part of Heritage Monuments and a small community of Saxons. This is Cincsor in Transylvania.

Explore the beauty of this place and discover its rich culture and Saxon traditions.

Whilst so many towns claim to be cosmopolitan, Cincsor is proud to remain beautifully frozen in time. And it has such an interesting and beautiful story from someone that was born and lives in.

Located at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in the center of the Brasov – Sibiu – Sighisoara triangle, the guesthouses Cincsor/Kleinschenk offer authenticity, relaxation, nature and culture and the possibility to explore the surrounding areas and local lifestyle.

I’ve been dreaming to visit Cincsor Guest Houses from the first picture of that huge library going viral on the Internet. A library is not really a Luxury, but is one of the necessities of Life. The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll Go.

So…here I am at Cincsor Transylvania Guest Houses, an abandoned Art Nouveau Evangelical School from 1910, that was restored thanks to the involvement of Mrs. Carmen Schuster and converted several years later into the most beautiful guest houses of Romania. Fritz Balthes, the genius but almost forgotten Transylvanian architect, built the Former Evangelical School in Cincsor in 1910 inspired by the Art Nouveau style. From his letters we found out that it was not at all easy for him to try to convince the members of the Saxon evangelical community to build a spacious, large windows, well lit building, even more so while having in mind the maintenance costs. The Evangelical School in Cincsor was very modern for its time, quite surprising for a Transylvanian village!

Carmen Schuster grew up here and like many Germans were transported to Germany since the communist era. His family left Romania more than 30 years ago, but destiny brought her back home. But not directly to Cincsor as you’d expect, in Bucharest as a representative of a multinational company. In 2008, she decided to revisit the place where she was born. She discovered that the former school was put on the market to be sold and so the adventure began. She began a restoration adventure full of surprises and unexpected beauties, learning to be modest in relation to this brilliant architect after she got convinced by his simple yet functional and elegant style, with a care for details and those who enter its doors.

How can you give to an almost forgotten village the prospect of healthy sustainable development? Primarily through tourism, especially if that place has a story and a history that can generate a genuine interest.

The two guest houses are placed near the Fortified Church, mentioned for the first time in 1421! After many restoration works, the church it is now opened for public. When talking about the church and its grounds, we talk about a space marked by over 600 years of history, a history that becomes even more interesting as we focus on its particularities, on the village and people that helped built it. Carmen Schuster transformed what was once the jewel of the Saxon community into a charming Guesthouses, where the old blends with the new, traditional with modern and everything is so natural and beautiful!

So, I invite you to come and discover the Former Evangelical School, with its large, well lit spaces, now transformed into a library, dining hall, kitchen and recreation space! The attic rooms are furnished using authentic furniture from Cincsor and offer a modern comfort.

But the most interesting part is the DREAMY living room, initially used as a classroom, a room with history, with the name of the architect Fritz Balthes written all over it. The belief, rather pretentious for that time: school and education for all village children, generous spaces and abundant light, a friendly and supportive atmosphere that concentrates on each children’s potential, stood at the core of education and progress.

With high and big windows designed to offer the students natural light but minimum outside distractions, with a view of the fortified church to point towards spirituality and all things holy, this room is equipped with a recreation space, a library and a stove.


“A library is a house of hope. It’s a place where we all, whatever our situation, can feed our ideas and develop our dreams.”

I am a book addict and I confess it without hesitation. I am trying to convince you to read more because I have discovered with sadness that this habit is “dying” among young people, especially. With the help of books you can find yourself in a different world, have access to another life and be whoever you want without leaving home.

It’s certainly the most beautiful private library which I have ever seen and it was great to search through the shelves and discover all sorts of old books, documents and even photos. Some of the books in the library belonged to the former Cincsor Evangelical School’ students and some of them still had written their names on. Some were so old and yellowed like they were taken from museum exhibits. You can’t imagine the smell of these books and the feeling that you have when you browse them.

I had so much fun taking these photos. I’ve always wanted to climb on a wooden ladder and look through the shelves of an old library. It gives such an unique feeling and I hope it will increase also your “appetite” for reading.

Not only the place offers relaxation, nature and culture, but also the food is delicious. The traditional menu is mixed with modern healthy dishes. The ingredients are local, some from their own garden and others from local producers. We had the pleasure to taste at dinner the Saxon cuisine.

Whether you’re into history, art, reading or… just eating, Cincsor Transylvania is an ideal place for those who want to spend quality time away from crowded towns. When life gets a little crazy and you feel tired, uninspired, exhausted and find yourself in a general state of meh, Cincsor Transylvania is the best remedy.


Sure, I can tell you that I enjoyed my 2 days at Cincsor Transylvania… that I especially loved my attic room and the amazing library. Sure, I can tell you more but it wouldn’t be as fun as discovering them for yourself.

Embrace this authentic way of living surrounded by culture and nature!



Photo Credit: Constantin Madalin Vasile

Outfit: Giorgal Romania