Devil wears Prada SS17

Devil wears Prada

The Devil wears Prada is my favorite fashion movie…Do you remember?

Well, the devil doesn’t wear Prada but she’s going to see her first Live Fashion Show.

That day was one for the books. I will never forget THE moment I was invited to my very first Prada show, even if it was Standing. When I first started attending Fashion Week, I always told myself that the day I get invited to Chanel would be the day I knew I’ve made it. Haha. Have I made it?

Not really, because I haven’t been invited to Chanel show yet, but I’ve got my invitation to Prada SS17.

I do believe that as we grow, our dreams and goals continue to evolve and change with us.

Anyway, it’s a day I will always remember.



Arriving at Prada show was definitely a sight to see. The venue was a huge metal mesh with big screens  where I saw the businesslike collection that Miuccia Prada kept it simple. I felt like I was at the airport or something!
For the Prada show, I wore a cool Kraxy Rabbit dress with owls. I paired it with a pair embellished shoes from Veronesse and the pink Metropolis bag from Furla.

The invitation was like an elastic spiderweb that held together Four sheets of card with four small random indents on the same spot. Each was printed with a still from the David O. Russell film he and Ms. Prada worked on, for the Spring Summer 2017 collection.

To say I was blown away by this show is an understatement. You can always assume to be totally surprised and delighted at Prada shows.

The show started with some light, sporty and easy looks, even though at the same time, they also felt super luxe.

‘You know we live in this moment of fashion where we need something comfortable, real, and more sensible — this kind of simpleness and elegance,’ Prada explained backstage. So she produced a line-up of pretty, intelligent clothes to love and wear for work and play:  blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses and coats in slightly vintage, 1940s shapes and a mix of graphics and pastels.

Feather trims, checks, and PJs are all you need for SS17 says, Queen Prada. We shall obey.

There was definitely some cool devil details that made the difference. A raincoat pulled hard across the body, belted on one side, and on each wrist a fluff of boudoir pink marabou. “Because it was the most silly piece to put with reality,” explained Miuccia Prada backstage about the feathers.

Ohh, and the bright quirky shoes with sporty stripes! Miuccia Prada has long been a supporter of the ugly-pretty phenomenon and this season’s flatform sandals were no exception.

It was a collection inspired by the modern friendly women’s lives. Like a click of high heels on the vast expanse of an airport, a dizzying ride down the escalator, a figure running in fear, a travel bag (Prada, of course) abandoned on the floor. No words. Like a silent Prada movie with a series of iconic models including Liya Kebede, Raquel Zimmerman, Saskia de Brauw, Amanda Murphy, Arizona Muse, and Julia Nobis.

Ms. Prada speaks about a true individual woman for Spring/Summer 2017, someone strong – willed and powerful.

THE devil wears PRADA.

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From the venue to the art direction, Miuccia Prada definitely pushed the boundaries this season. The entire collection was so bold and energetic. She made a case for simple, feel-good fashion with clothes for a purposeful, modern, urban woman with her wrap cardigan and a skirt slit high as she marched. Or gingham shirt over knee length skirt.

After the show, David O. Russell showed the full version of his movie at the Fondazione Prada, the cluster of modern art exhibition spaces Miuccia and her husband Patrizio Bertelli have created in Milan. The film expanded the story we had seen on the runway in snippets. It will premiere in Los Angeles in November.


prada-ss17-_alinavlad-comthe-devil-wears-prada-23the-devil-wears-prada-10Processed with Snapseed.the-devil-wears-prada-17


After Prada, David and I had a little break in between shows so we stopped by a cute Café to get some coffee and sweets! I decided that I’m too tired to go home and change my outfit again. So, I put my fluffy slippers and headed to Moschino show on Via San Luca, where all the big shows are held. You might recognize these comfy shoes from my Instagram posts! I’ve been wearing them all Fashion Week long!

If you didn’t know, Moschino is one of the favorite fashion shows of Italian young people. They really Love Moschino Brand.

That evening at Moschino, JEREMY SCOTT SHOWED PAPER DOLLS, a capsule collection with a powerful dose of capsules. Way before Barbie there were paper dolls: like 2D, hand-drown mannequins delivered on the page with their own illustrated wardrobes.

When he was younger he was mildly obsessed with a paper doll website. This Moschino SS17 show was Jeremy Scott childhood fantasy which came to life now. Because these were like those flat paper clothes, complete with little foldy tabs, in real-life human-sized form. Clothes on clothes, basically. As the notes put it, Jeremy Scott finds inspiration in the original game of cut and paste for girls of taste. It was all about instant gratification. Because what’s more gratifying than clothes you can switch and swap by moving around a bit of paper? Or should we call them fake clothes?

Even though they echo to Moschino’s history – the signature black on red polka dot, the chains, that peace sign, those teddy bears and fat pearls.

The finale was a procession of augmented unreality eveningwear. Grand evening gowns gave him the most room to play, and it was remarkable how convincingly he was able to make their flat planes mimic voluptuous bows and ruffled trains. The irony? They’ve been filling your Instagram feed all night long. From the front, a sugary hit of color and flounce given hyper-real definition though illustrative steroid. From the back though, a blank. Paper dolls!

Which thus makes said looks easy to achieve at home via a large piece of cardboard, some handy scissor work and a box of markers. Get to work ladies!

You’ve got to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls!

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I finished that evening so hungry and tired, I ended up sticking by a big ice cream (as always) and eating way too many sweets!

“Don’t be silly darling…everybody wants to be us!” says the Devil!

The Devil wears Prada


Photo Credit:  David Ghisa