Couture is an attitude and Fashion is Garbage

Couture is an attitude and Fashion is Garbage at MOSCHINO Fall/WINTER 2017-18 collection.

“Trash chic” was the Attitude of Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2017-18 Moschino fashion show at Milan Fashion Week this February. Jeremy Scott has made a name around a singular brand of pop-culture alchemy with wild-ride collections playing on everything from road signs to fast food. For his Fall/Winter 2017 collection, Scott started from the idea of a woman who had lost everything and had to make her own clothes with Garbage.

A woman who can wear anything as long as there is a strong attitude!

Jeremy Scott is known in the fashion world for its daring, fun and innovative styles.

He chose the theme with characteristic enthusiasm, filling the catwalk with dresses fashioned out of cardboard boxes and duct tape, bubble wrap, garbage bags, and even dry cleaner sleeves. Bags were made from tube socks and toilet-paper rolls. Gowns came shrouded in dry-cleaning film or shower-curtain liners, a jacket was lined with a rug pad, shopping bags became shoes. One look even came bearing a cornucopia of assorted detritus.

The show, divided into 3 distinct phases started off with models wearing beige clothes, trench coats and dresses that resembled moving material and boxes, with signs saying “fragile” and “this way up”. It continued with multicolored looks inspired by the street fashion of the 1980s. Accessories such as baseball caps, backpacks, and wide sunglasses were the highlights on the catwalk. Models were wrapped in printed archival Moschino editorials and advertisements, artfully ripped into tear sheets, walking to the beat of music by the late George Michael.

Scott’s beauty muses like the famous models Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, illustrates that more is definitely more!

Moschino Fall/Winter collection is an alarm to the wastefulness of industry and its environmental impacts, in the midst of what has been an especially politically charged runway season.Most memorable of all was Anna Cleveland voguing onto the runway in a dress seemingly made from the same drapes hanging over the stage, remembering us about “Gone With The Wind” scene.

The designer captured the essence of the collection closing the extravagant Moschino show with a white t-shirt that read “Couture is an attitude, not a price point”!

And there was certainly a lot of attitude and character in the designs the Italian fashion house showcased. Just take a look at the pictures below and get the inside on my Moschino experience thus far!


For that night I decided to wear a pink velvet dress with tassels from Atelier LaRochelle.
Although I love to make a statement with my statement dresses, I knew I was going to get great use with this leather coat over it, and over the knee boots. A leather coat is a staple piece for a chic winter wardrobe that will immediately add dimension to any look. There are many variations of the trench, but I recently purchased this brown one with handmade embroidery from O.N. Atelier before heading to Milan. When you leave it open it will flow dramatically in the wind, and when you belt it around the waistline it gives a more sophisticated finish. The attention to detail on this coat is just amazing… from the long cuffs to the flowers on the sides.

These over the knee boots are also a great transition piece from winter to spring. Whether you wear them over your jeans or under your dresses…they will not only get you through winter but also right into spring!

It’s said that the clothes you wear can have an effect on the way you stand, pose and behave! Because all that matters is your Attitude!

Couture is an Attitude even when you wear Garbage!