Confident Woman Five Important Actions

Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman who doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not!

We can all spot a self-confident woman a mile away. Not talking about a snobbish and arrogant person, like I’ve heard some people consider me. Talking about a woman that believes in herself and support others. I’m not that arrogant guys! A woman who knows exactly what she wants and works hard to achieve her goals. IF you are having doubts!

And for sure an amazing make-up it gives me such a boost of confidence and makes me feel so beautiful.

If you’re following me on Instagram you have probably already seen this shooting I did last summer, but since I absolutely love my jungle make-up Camelia Nastu did on me I’ve decided to share all the pictures here.

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So the make-up was inspired by a picture I’ve seen on TUMBLR from a fashion photo shooting. Should I start saying how excited I was to try it on me? I think that’s an unnecessary paragraph of “OMG OMG OMG it’s AMAZING”. But yes, the make-up was unique and beautiful in the same time. Truly hope you will like it even if it’s too dark!

Do you believe in yourself? Here are some killer actions to build your self confidence. You should know that A confident woman, a woman who truly knows her worth and her power is a force to be reckoned with.

And the key to success is self-confidence. A key to self-confidence is preparation. – Arthur Ashe

First step is to FOLLOW your DREAMS

Sometimes our biggest disappointment turns into our biggest achievement. Learn to turn failure into new intention. Read how a job rejection letter can give you the confidence to go for your dreams. Or a love disappointment

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E.E. Cummings

Than Empower one another! Be Kind & Generous!

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble,” Serena Williams says.

But for the rest of you, know that being kind to others, and generous with yourself and your time and what you have, is a tremendous way to improve your self-image. You act in accordance with the Golden Rule, and you start to feel good about yourself, and to think that you are a good person. It does wonders for your self-confidence, believe me.


If you will dress nicely you’ll feel good about yourself. You’ll feel successful and presentable and ready to tackle the world. Like I’m feeling today in these pictures. Now, dressing nicely means something different for everyone … it doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a $500 outfit, but could mean casual clothes that are nice looking and presentable.

Bare shoulders, the pleated leather skirt and platform sandals are 3 important trends you definitely will see more of the next few months. Having a personal style is not about following all trends though! Pick the one you like the most and make it your own thing. You’ll find on my website soon, my own styling and shopping tips on each trend this season.

Don’t forget to let me know which one’s your favourite!

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The pleats have been around for a while but this season they appear on everything. Skirts, dresses, tops, collars, as details…the list goes on. This trend is perfect if you like to look feminine, romantic but with a touch of drama.

Sometimes we need to go for that comfy t-shirt to feel confident and sometimes it’s about trying something new, exciting. Spice it up with a different style and wear that cool make-up to upgrade your self-esteem. Like I did today!

Find your passion and skills

You don’t know what your passion is yet? Are you able to list at least three things you’re good at? I strongly encourage you to get to know yourself better. Find out what you are passionate about. The things we love and care about, are the things we feel confident about.

Get to know yourself BETTER. Start listening to your thoughts. And then think about what you like and set goals. Dig deep within yourself, and you’ll come out (eventually) with even greater self-confidence. Knowing your good skills will help you become sure about yourself.

Empower yourself with knowledge and Keep a status of discovering

Empowering yourself is one of the best strategies for building self-confidence. One of the best ways to do it is Knowledge! This is along the same vein as building competence and getting prepared … by becoming more knowledgeable, you’ll be more confident … and you become more knowledgeable by doing research and studying. The Internet is a great tool, of course, but so are the people around you, people who have done what you want, books, magazines, and educational institutions.

“Truly ‘successful’ people,” Nicolas Cole explains, “are those who lack the fear of being wrong, and instead embrace it.”

Being self-confident is the key to your success. Therefore it’s inevitable to stay in the status of improving and being vulnerable. Never become too satisfied but keep up the process of discovering.

Be a Confident Woman and Smile

It really works for me. I feel instantly better when I smile, and it helps me to be kinder to others as well. It’s a tiny thing that can have a chain reaction.



Photo Credit: Virgil Hritcu

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