Classic turtleneck

Simplicity at its finest – the combination of a classic turtleneck with a midi slit skirt is just so elegant and feminine!

Exactly how I dressed up for a night out in London this Fall…

 A single ray of fading sunlight pieces through the row of buildings and lands on the concrete. As the dusk sets in and the dust of the day settles on the sidewalk in London, the sky changes character and with it the spirit of the city changes too. Let’s get lost in the mystery and madness of the night and see the dawning of tomorrow with brand new eyes.



One of the things that I love about fall and winter, are classic turtlenecks, as there’s something so chic and warm about them. But one of the things I love in particular about turtlenecks is the so called “tucked in” look. It’s laid back but sophisticated at the same time, making the most simple look be so effortlessly chic. Turtlenecks are also perfect for office hours. In long sleeves, classic turtlenecks, paired with midi skirts and heels, are the subtle statement piece of your look.

I was so thrilled to see the development of the turtleneck on the catwalks this season. Turtlenecks have a particular bi-polar sense of style that makes them both unflattering and classic. I know that sometimes the suffocating feeling of wearing a turtleneck can really put this top on the bottom of your list. But the thing is, when worn correctly it can be a real statement piece. Though this is just another sweater type, we rarely see them on the streets.

This has to change, so I’m bringing you today, an outfit that I Love and the inspiration for a revival of the turtleneck trend. I love finding great basics and styling them in different ways.

 First, how fabulous is this midi slit skirt?

Even though it’s three years old, it’s just the right amount of color to mix with the classics, like a black turtleneck and metallic pumps. A stylish outfit to take you from the office to a date without a stop in between. The split in the middle adds a surprise and sets the modern mode. The slit is a very sexy and specific compromise. Pretty high, quite cheeky and very nonchalant. The Slit suddenly brought midi length skirts back into fashion, which is an amazing thing. It goes with anything, on any skirt style, fabric, cause you know… that’s our prerogative these days.



You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything…Or it could be nothing…

You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain…Because when you find your path, you must ignore fear…You need to have the courage to risk mistakes…But once you are on that road…run and don’t stop until you’ve reached its end…

Maybe I’m a lucky little lady in the City of Lights?

Or just another lost angel… in London?