City Hall London night

This look from City Hall London is a great illustration of my constant enthusiastic mood when I’m traveling.

 Dining near the City Hall London.

One of my favorite places in town. We were quite tired but still decided to shoot my look in the area, on our way to Strada Riverside restaurant. There are so many incredible shooting locations all around London, and too beautiful to pass without capturing a few shots!



Back to my outfit, for nights like these, when I want to feel comfy and feminine, I wear a pair of loose fit trousers, an oversized sweater adding a little bit of color with Adidas sneakers. The cozy sweaters are my favorites during the colder months. They instantly make an outfit. You can wear the simplest pair of jeans and some ankle boots, as long as you have a cozy knit you’re good to go! This white one is a perfect illustration of what I’m saying.

Doesn’t this sweater just SCREAM cozy fall weekends, fireplaces and hot chocolates?

But now let’s talk a little bit about my favorite place in London.

A city break in London includes for me at least a trip to the City Hall area, especially at night. City Hall in London is the home of the Greater London Authority and the office of the Mayor of London.  Since 2002, City Hall has been located in a modern building in Southwark near Tower Bridge. Directly located on the South Bank of the Thames, this stunning location is hard to beat in the capital. With views framed by Tower Bridge, The Tower of London and the elegant modern architecture of More London attracts both tourists and locals every day and night.

Also, the City Hall area boasts a plethora of good restaurants and eateries. It’s the perfect place to turn your outfit into one suitable for a perfect night out in London. Those in search of a dinner overlooking the river or a quick glass of wine on the way home can choose Strada Riverside.

With breathtaking views of the Thames, Tower Bridge and the skyline of the City, Strada Riverside is the ideal setting for dinner or a relaxed Sunday brunch. Located near the City Hall, Strada Riverside is a part of the well-known group of contemporary Italian restaurants serving good quality and freshly prepared dishes. Indulge a little. Share a few laughter and perhaps even tears.

These are my kind of memories to enjoy for years to come!

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Photo: Vali I. Popa

Location:  City Hall London