Chanel Airlines Flying Fashion

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fly with Chanel Airlines?

Where all passengers look like models and would be conducted by captain Karl Lagerfeld who knows to navigate Chanel in all the right directions?

Only Karl Lagerfeld could’ve think in transforming the Grand Palais Museum into a fashionable Chanel-themed airport terminal for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show.

So… Are you ready for takeoff with Chanel Airlines?


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Last October my dream came true! I went to the Chanel SS16 RTW show at Paris Fashion Week. Needless to say, I was excited beyond anything! At 10.30 in the morning the whole world was checking in at Terminal 2 C, gate n°5 of Paris-Cambon airport, in front of Grand Palais.

Before travelling to Paris I did an entire search and I set up each and every outfit for my days at fashion week. So, for Chanel Airlines fashion show I decided to wear an oversized black & white shirt from Poelle, for an androgynous minimalist look. But…pay attention, don’t torn into men when you are wearing this kind of shirt. We need to do a perfect balance and demonstrate that style is under control. I mixed the white shirt with TopShop leather pants and C&A oxford shoes. For a stylish note, I couldn’t forget my sunnies and the CMOOD Concept Bucket bag. The result?

This outfit totally suits my personality, is so stylish and cool and perfect for fly with Chanel Airlines.

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The monumental architecture of the Grand Palais was transformed once again into a brightly-lit airport. The runway was a terminal with Chanel Airlines check-in desks, trolleys and bags and models as stuart and hostess. Those lucky enough to be invited to the fabulous fashion show were handed over retro-style plane tickets before passing through security at the bright, airy ‘terminal’. Karl Lagerfeld made air travel look so glamorous and stress-free contrary to the sometimes mundane experience of checking-in in the real world!

As a global fashion brand, Chanel is a worldwide destination. Chanel has its own airport, depicted in Karl Lagerfeld’s high-end fashion show. A large departures board was constructed above the desks, and featured exotic locations such as Shanghai, Salzburg and Tokyo.

Edie Campbell the first model out with a Coco case in tow, gliding across the runway to the most beguiling piece of music. Then models wheeled along custom Chanel suitcases and luxurious bags, more with a brisk air of fashion traveller than that of an air hostess. There were plenty of airline and airport details in the clothes, too.  Shoes in Perspex, total tweed look and combinations of unexpected materials.  Head to toe blue outfits, mini suits designed as uniforms, the bouclé and wide pants with chiffon skirts and tulle overlaid, short dresses with ruffles and pleated skirts. And the colours were those of France, silver and pastel tones.

For sure If Chanel would create an airline, this is what it would look like.

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Kendall Jenner with a pair of orange-tinned specs, while wearing a blue, yellow, red and white tweed skirt suit. It was a fresh and vibrant update of the Chanel classic that have been on for years. Next came Karl’s idea of what a Chanel traveller would look like with reverse snapback caps and strings of pearls, while the iconic tweed two-pieces were given a futuristic, metallic twist. The intricate geometric patterns are the classic airline uniforms from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Not to miss a single detail, Karl also produced extraordinary silk kaftans with electronic departure board themes. Other discerning Chanel travellers might like plain tweeds with matching boater hats. Or the flowing wide skirts over pants.

Transparent space age booties were on my radar together with the pink waterfall suit. The finale featured an energetic Cara Delevingne and a mini pilot who came smiling with the flight captain, Karl Lagerfeld. Of the terminal, he told Vogue magazine: “It’s the idea of how it should look an airport!”. And if you feel inspired by Chanel Airlines, you can always grab something from the SS16 collection. Perhaps the footwear Vogue describes as “Teva-type sandals with tweed straps and flashing runway-landing lights running around the soles.”

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As I’m looking back at this flight of fantasy I only wish I’m off to some exotic destination… on Chanel Airlines of course.

Because Chanel SS16 collection is dedicated to all the women who spread Chanel’s style travelling around the world. Or I believe it’s an invitation to go around in a chic and timeless style.  

Let’s See Chanel Airlines and fly!