Casino Constanta Black Sea Story

If you’re ever visiting Constanta make sure to see the majestic Casino on the Edge of Black Sea.

I have just returned from an electrifying seaside weekend at Black Sea. I chose the Romanian seaside because some of my best friends opened a beach in Mamaia. Thank you again for the invitation!

Romanians generally go to the seaside for the beach and nightlife. We are famous already because our parties at Mamaia Beach known as the best location. I did enjoy that and I got some tan along with it. But I thought, the best way to end this weekend is taking dinner in the port. So I decided to go and visit also it’s surroundings. My favorite spot in Constanta is, of course, the Casino, one of the most famous landmarks of the city. The viewpoints from the seafront are absolutely breathtaking.

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Casino Constanta is a historic monument built in Art Nouveau style between 1904 -1910, to meet the needs of the Black Sea tourists in the period so called La belle Époque. The man who constructed this challenging project, very modern at that time, was Daniel Renard, a young Romanian architect of Swiss origin.

The building is rich in decorations inspired by the marine world: waves, climbing plants, beautiful flowers and fantastic shell windows. The interior makes everyone to believe this is an undersea palace, where Poseidon is waiting to greet on his throne.

The Casino is challenging your imagination step by step, with every ornament, every broken mirror and every crack in the wall producing an emotional roller coaster outlined by the magnificent views of the sea.

What used to be the main social and cultural attraction of the city in the past is lying in despair, today.

The Casino is completely neglected like a true old man celebrating alone his 100th anniversary.

But this is not the only version of the old Casino. During World War II, the building was transformed in a hospital, and during the communist regime was a restaurant where weddings and communist events were held. Little by little his fame started to fade.
From 2000th the Casino is under the care of the Municipality of Constanta. In 2007 the municipality signs a concession contract on 49 years with the Israeli company Queen Co Leisure International, in exchange of 140.000 € annual.

QLI states publicly that they will invest 15 million € in renovation transforming the Casino in an international entertainment place, the biggest in Romania. The optimistic company forecasted that the investment was going to be recovered in 5 years. Another 4 years passes and still, nothing happens. The municipality ends the contract and starts searching for a new buyer. Soon enough this decision starts a public scandal, where the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism promise to take over the problem. The old Casino is going to be restored completely with funds from the MRDT’s budget.
Casino Constanta is a symbol of the city, a reference point for every tourist, a pearl on the Black Sea shore…It’s a shame they are not doing it justice…So, I felt I need to write about this…

Let’s hope the story of the Old Casino “will be continued”…

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Make-Up & Hair Styling:   Camelia Nastu