Cape Greco Ayia Napa

Cape Greco Ayia Napa

Cape Greco Ayia Napa is definitely one of the tourist spots you shouldn’t miss when in Cyprus!

If you want to get the real authentic Cyprus experience you should rent a car and take a road trip around Cape Greco Ayia Napa. The mystery that surrounds Cape Greco plus the wonderful landscape that it offers are the two most attractive features of this unspoiled nature reserve.

When you start exploring it than you really get a feel for this unique place!


West of Syria and south of Turkey, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus spreads across 3,500 square miles of mountains and plains, with nearly 400 miles of idyllic beaches and rugged coastline. Cape Greco, also called Cavo Greco, is located on the southeastern part of Cyprus, in the “holy, wooded valley” of Ayia Napa. The natural, breathtaking beauty of Cape Greco’s hanging cliffs and its haunting sea caves compel many tourists to visit this oasis of tranquility,  designated as a National Forest Park in 1993.

Cape Greco means a landscape of walks, sea caves & a sea shore worth exploring. It’s a magnificent natural beauty landmark that offers amazing views all during the year. It’s one of the top attractions of Ayia Napa, offering not only stunning views of the coastline and Mediterranean Sea but also opportunities to swim, dive, do some fishing, climbing and hiking. Many of those who seek adventure have tried diving off from the top of these great cliffs to the sparkling blue waters below. This must only be attempted after certain safety measures have been taken as the currents below can be quite strong. Incidentally, cliff jumping or cliff diving is a popular extreme sports activity here.

The magnificent beauty of the mountain sea cliffs combined with the indigenous flora of Cape Greco is impressive. This place is famous for the nature’s glorious flora and fauna. There about 300 plant species in the area, 11 of which are endemic. Many wild birds and small animals are seen here, as well as a large number of migratory birds, which stop on the island to rest. An old lighthouse, which is no longer in use, provides a perfect watching tower for bird watchers.

One of the few buildings in Cape Greco National Park is the small chapel dedicated to Ayioi Anargyroi, a popular spot for wedding photos. Below this small white chapel is a hermit’s cave which is mentioned in local legend.


Cut away into ten meter sea-cliffs are caves which nature has adorned with palatial trimmings. The palace caves that stretch along the walls of the Cape Greco cliffs are among the most striking and mystifying places that you can imagine. Many of these caves have deep passages that the daring can swim through during low tide. If you like legend and folklore, you’ll also find these caves immensely appealing. Cape Greco is said to be the home of the Ayia Napa mysterious “sea monster” that is reputed to live in the waters and the caves around the area. Other versions of this monster refer to it as being like a reptilian type of serpent or similar to a crocodile. This is more believable but since there are no confirmed sightings of this monster it will continue to be part of the local folklore and be used as a holiday attraction by the hotels of Ayia Napa.

To grab the full beauty of these cliffs and caves a boat trip from Ayia Napa or Protaras is highly recommended. The crystal clear waters of Cape Greco sea shore are amazing. They seem to be like blue mirrors reflecting the sun’s light and they provide the perfect backdrop for photographs. Wherever there are small bays, the boats make frequent stops and their passengers have an opportunity to dive and swim in these waters.

There are also many benches on the coastline to rest and gaze down into crystal clear waters. For those more ambitious, there’s a further 100 meter climb that leads to the central depression. Excavations in 1992 revealed evidence that this site was one of the earliest Neolithic settlements on the island.


Take a day away from the beach and get some healthy exercise walking in the fresh air and exploring the unspoilt beauty of Cape Greco Ayia Napa!

Here exists a whole “other” world!

I wanted to save the best for last, so between this setting, the incredible light at a magic hour creates one of my favorite sunsets I have ever seen! I’ll let the photos do the talking because they capture the mood and feelings along the sea and sand on a warm April evening!


Hope you guys enjoy my photos!