Braids are Back again

Braids Are Back again ! It’s a Street Style Look That’s Taking over the world these days!

This spring, hair will be slicked tight and plaited down the back like we’ve seen all over the Spring and Fall 2016 runways. Plaits don’t have to be casual, though. Karlie Kloss gave them the front row treatment at Topshop’s Fall 2016 runway show. Braids are a fresh, effortless hairstyle that can go from day to night. They aren’t child’s play any longer. You can choose to wear a single braid or a double plait look.

Truth is, it’s the most free hairstyle, it keeps your locks in place, and it looks insane.

I’ve been secretly praying this hairstyle makes it, and I was left with hopes high. Until of course the Kardashian-Jenner clan decided it was suddenly cool to dutch braid their hair. And BAM the boxer braids are back again!

Anyway… now they’re here, and they’re trendy. I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of side or centre pleated hair, dutch braided into boxer braids this year.

So…Be ready to wear this season, Your Favorite Childhood Hairstyle that Is Taking Fashion by Storm.

WHY is this hairstyle suddenly our Number One obsession and HOW and WHERE do we rock it? 

It was 5 years ago I think when I kept my hair in boxer braids all the time. Well… almost, cause I can’t do it alone, so I was always lurking next to my friends who can, and when the right moment came, I was like: ‘Pleeeeeeese could you braid my hair?!’

And then I used to keep it like that for a few days and take it off before the weekend, slap some dry shampoo in it, and BOOM! I’d have perfect curly wavy locks. This is something huge from a girl with straight hair. If you did the same, keep going…cause you gotta pick up this hair habit again.

It has a very cool and feminine vibe and can translate to either an urban edgy look or a retro Spanish one. Or it can be a very minimal yet sophisticated hairstyle to a more posh look or a classic heels outfit. It just creates this balance between smart and effortless. Kim Kardashian has been doing over and over again for the past few weeks, being her favorite look. All-black, very sexy, coat hanging off her shoulders, stiletto heels and a perfect face. She has been sporting the technique lately in her natural brunette state, sometimes even in the form of a double-French braid woven into one braid at the nape. Meanwhile, her daughter, North West, has also made the mini-me look.

The quick double-plait look has made waves also throughout fashion month. It was a statement look on the runway at Creatures of the Wind. The oiled lengths were tightly slicked back into thin braids. At Céline’s Spring 2016 show, Guido Palau created slick single braids designed to flatter the Phoebe Philo woman as she travels the world. Who is better to test-drive this look than the globe-trotting models themselves? They seamlessly took the look from the runway to the street immediately after the shows. Proving yet again that Céline knows exactly what women want, braids are back all over Paris, too.

It’s your favorite childhood hairstyle that promises to stay into power the next morning too. So, the evening braid may just be the new blowout.

While thinking about wearing the braids hairstyle again, which led to watching youtube tutorials on how to get it alone, something happened:

I realized it’s much easier to be done by a hairstylist before an event!

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