Boating in Croatia

Less is more my friends… and there is no better way to prove it than with a maxi dress boating in Croatia…

I’m not a fanatic follower of this philosophy, but what more do you need other than your bikini and a simple dress…in such a beautiful place…It’s that feeling you get when time stops and you just savor the moment…you feel happy and content just by breathing…

I could live like this forever… on a boat sailing along the Adriatic Coast …wouldn’t you?

Boating in Biograd Croatia it’s something I never dreamed before! If you wish to see a genuine jewel of Croatia, then the Kornati National Park is the perfect choice for you. To fully enjoy our stay in Biograd na Moru, Croatia, we rent a boat from Marina Kornati, the nautical and regatta center of Northern Dalmatia, and every day we sailed to the clean and unspoilt natural environment of the countless islands. The boat took us through some beautiful small islands in the area while we relaxed and watched the famous cliffs reaching up to 90 m above sea level, hidden picturesque coves and the beautiful undersea world. We were amazed by the wondrous and luxurious archipelago, unique in its beauty.

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I have already been a few times on a boat, but I must admit that this time was really special to me. I stand on the border of the boat while it was running at it’s highest speed and saw the sea dancing, it was such an amazing emotion and feeling.

That day, I decided to wear an easy breeze outfit perfect for sailing through Croatia and all the way into my European summer… catching the wind a little too much sometimes! I was so thankful I packed this blue backless dress and my favorite swimming suits from Golden Point collection. The weather was really hot, and sometimes we stopped the boat and we jumped in the cold water to take a refreshing swim. I even got the chance to take control of the boat for a couple of minutes!

The outstanding natural beauty of the Islands can not fail to take your breath away.  I recommend you with all my heart the trip to the National Park Kornati Islands when in Croatia. I’ve been there a single day but it was enough to fall in love. There is such a contrast, from peaceful and serene beaches to wild and rugged cliffs, it certainly is a ‘sight to behold’. The breathtaking beauty of the Kornati Archipelago is extremely difficult to capture on camera unless taken from the air. So, I decided not to waste my time taking pictures and I enjoyed this eco – oasis, that was proclaimed a National Park in 1980.

Like a string of pearls, these desert mountains of the moon stretch across the Adriatic in shades of green and gold and white. George Bernard Shaw wrote: “by the aura of mystery and legend characteristic of these islands, that God at the end of creation, found himself with a handful of rocks, mix them in tears and breath and threw them at random on the sea surface and, pleased with the result, let them as they were.”



The Kornati National Park covers the bigger part of the Kornati waters. Because of their exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, highly jagged and indented coast as well as because of rich communities of the submarine eco-system, the islands were made a National Park in 1980. The Kornati archipelago, as a separate and special island group located between Šibenik and Zadar Islands, covers the area of about 320 km2 and includes about 150 land units, located either permanently or frequently above the sea.

The hotel harbor Kornati became too small for all lovers of sea and nautical tourism over time and ILIRIJA, recognizing the importance of nautical tourism in the development of the city of Biograd na Moru and its impact on the overall tourism results, expanded its capacity in 1985 by building a Marina Kornati in the western part of town, with additional 450 berths.

With the total sea area (maritime zone) of 91 912 m2 and the land area of 39 688 m2, today’s Marina Kornati is certainly one of the largest nautical harbors in Zadar County and the only real driver of nautical tourism development at Biograd Riviera which, thanks to the boating potentials of the city itself and the vision and courage of ILIRIJA d.d., enabled Biograd not only to become the yachting city, but also the center for development of nautical tourism. The maritime zone annually hosts more than 40 domestic and international regattas of all classes and over 30 flotillas, which are attended by up to 10,000 sailors from around the world. Therefore, the Marina Kornati and Biograd na Moru rightly and proudly deserve to wear the title of not only a nautical, but also a regatta center of Northern Dalmatia.



It’s not easy to look at these pictures while I’m working at home. I wish I could go back to Biograd right now! It’s the perfect spot for starting a cruise around the beautiful Kornati Islands ! So…I hope you’ll enjoy my pictures and you’ll choose  Croatia for your next getaway!