Blue Velvet for Cristiano Burani

cristiano burani

Cristiano Burani FW16 fashion show invitation featured a print blending tiger heads and red roses.

His FW16 collection was an eye opening blend of the 20th century into modern fashion while being so slightly futuristic, innovative and fun. The vibe of Cristiano Burani collection was vibrant and colorful. There was a youthful tone throughout the collection, coming from the models hair styling and the choice of furry shoes on the runway.

Now, that my Milan Fashion Week marathon has ended, I’m back home doing a Recap through my memories and hundreds of pictures. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The best part was definitely the Dolce & Gabbana show. That is when I met beautiful supermodel and actress Laetitia Casta and a few sweet bloggers.

It’s always interesting to do something for the first time. It’s even more entertaining when that something is a Fashion Week. I’ve been in Milan for five days and my definition of the atmosphere would be “crazy”, but in a very good way!! Even though at the end of the day (or the beginning of the morning) the foot pain is just unbearable, you comfort yourself with the thought that it’s justified.

Not to mention that sitting front row at some shows, like Cristiano Burani, was awesome too…



Now, let’s talk about my look. The velvet suit is made by a Romanian designer, Raffaela Moraru.

I can’t be more grateful for this lasting and fruitful collaboration with her. It’s really a pleasure to work with Raffaela and wear her beautiful designs. I have had a crush on electric blue since Emilio Pucci used it in his Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The color inspires power and control. I especially love it when used with glam accessories, like the DVF clutch, from Sport Couture Romania. The story behind this statement pyjama is very simple. I couldn’t find a blue suit I liked, so I decided to make my own velvet one. What do you think, guys?

It’s comfortable and stylish! What else can I possibly wish from a pyjama suit?

After taking some pictures inside the venue, once seated we enjoyed Cristiano Burani FW16 fashion show. The Rainbow collection itself included outfits like razor-pleated Lurex or leather skirts, with iridescent glitter as stardust that illuminates the body in fitted silhouettes. The ultra-feminine elements such as lace, folds, and laminated tulle were combined with masculine fabrics of urban and contemporary allure.

Cristiano Burani used renovated proportions in balance between tradition and research, expressing a new aesthetic made of relaxed and comfortable lines, or semitransparent and skin-tight. I’ve seen also an unusual contrast of lengths in dresses and high waist skirts. He played with long or super shorts and with fur or velour coats with metropolitan and everyday appeal. Knitwear had a starring role in Burani’s collection and declined in total looks with important and wrap-around volumes with rainbow stripes, maxi braids, and frayed edges. A new concept of elegance was defined by the multicolor leather inlaied with versicolored effect and iridescent laminated candy. The colors of Cristiano Burani collection were especially indigo blue, passion red, black, blush aubergine, aquamarine and bronze, all laminated and glittered.

The accessories were so special, starting with the mini New York bag in glitter leather or the croco printed calfskin envelope and ending with stretch chenille ankle boots. The eye candy was the rainbow one earring with multicolor fringes in laminated chiffon.

I hope you guys had the chance to follow the live stream on the day of the show!

Some of you wrote me comments on how you saw me in there, being super attentive! I’m usually very concentrated during a fashion show, making serious faces. 🙄  And of course doing a lot of pictures for Instagram. Trying to keep it up with the industry! 😛

But honestly inside of my head, I’m just like “Neeed this” “waaant this” “GIMME”!

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Milan, I love you!  What else can I say after taking these beautiful pictures with my photographer?

P.S. I hope you enjoy it!!