Best cure for a broken heart ?

Why I think travel is the best cure for a broken heart?

Best cure! Hmmm!!.. Because I’ve been there…Maybe you too!… And for me the best thing who helped me to move on and forget was travel! One of the best way to smile again is to take a trip anywhere and to clear your mind and feel free! If you get out in the world and use your independence you will have bigger chances to grow and restore your self-confidence!

Breaking up is never easy, but there are ways to make it more bearable. Traveling is one of them! Buy your ticket and step into a new world and meet new people. Imagine the whole experience from the inside, seeing what you would see and feeling so happy and free.




If you have a broken heart I highly recommend traveling, especially traveling solo. You will meet amazing people, encounter spectacular beauty and learn so much about yourself. You will return knowing a little more about the world, but more importantly, you will return with a mended heart.

In fact, one year ago, before I began this blog about my personal style and my travel adventures, I was paralyzed by my own broken heart.

You see I spent five years exerting all of my energy and exhausting my body and mind in a bad relationship. In that attempt of making it work, I became stuck. Each time we said it was over, we found ourselves back in the same place. Where I never felt comfortable, secure, nor fulfilled, yet did not give myself permission to let go. Where I swore that if I were less this, if he were more that, then we could be so perfect. And I believed that if I had any chance of moving on, I first had to run away. So I did and today I can talk about it.

More than a year later, I am happy to say that it no longer hurts. That I can tell this story with emotional distance. That I genuinely wish him well.

And while running from my old life and settling into this new one opened my eyes and showed me how to live again. My broken heart was the catalyst in finding my passion, in finding a new way of living, and in learning to heal myself in every sense of the word.

And the best cure to do it was traveling around the world.

I did this for the first time in 2012 when I visit my best friend in Dubai. It was the best holiday of my life with great memories. After this I spend another 3 holidays in amazing London and visit by myself many sights.

Here are my points of view about why travel can be the best cure for broken heart:


1.  First It’s a Distraction

Instead of drowning in self-pity and obsessive thoughts about what might have been, put a smile on your face and fly away.

Travel it will remove you from familiar surroundings and from all the friends you had in common. The risk to bump into an ex at your favourite watering hole is reduced to zero. Distance from anything that reminds you of him creates a space in which you can begin to refocus.

When you travel you are out of your comfort zone and is so liberating being in a place where no one knows your name. You will feel free with an open heart and at peace with yourself. The more distance you create, the more room you have to fill with things you want now.

Immerse yourself in foreign sights and smells, and let yourself roam free!


dubai 096DSC02394


2.  You will Meet New People

Another great distraction is meeting new people, and of course it’s easy to meet others like yourself.

Strike up a conversation wherever you go and see what friendships may result. You must pay attention to the people around you and talk to them. You may even find friends that can accompany you on your travels, or keep in touch with!

Never lose hope that you might find your Love again.

You could fall into the trap of remaining convinced that your ex is the only person you could ever love. This is unlikely to be true on a planet with six billion people.


atlantis 021


3.  Restores Balance

When you’re in a relationship it’s easy to forget that you are your own person. When you travel, you’re forced to rely completely on yourself. When you are alone you can best hear the sound of your own breath. You can listen to the sounds of the universe. You can completely connect with what around you. Without distraction.

Use this trip to reaffirm your own independence and boost your self-confidence. You will be completely free. The adventure is all yours.

Just trust your own intuition and instincts to get from place to place. And because you will not need anyone to be happy, to fulfil you, when you will be with someone you can just love them instead.




4. Learn a New Skill

You can also take this chance to learn something new on your travels.

Want to try your hand at photography? Start by taking pictures of the huge world. Start doing yoga. Volunteer while you’re abroad. The limit is only your imagination.

Take this opportunity to try something new – best cure – scuba diving lessons, an art class, a blog.  Think you’re opening yourself to the world and program your mind and body to have a new beginning.




5. Be in the Present

Travel teaches you, first, to be in the present moment. Thrust into the unfamiliar, your senses will become clearer. You just have to listen to the world around and to your body. Feel the discomfort of a cold shower. Feel relaxed on a Mediterranean beach.

Relax and Let go. If you do, your life will open to what you do need now. Best cure stop looking backwards at what you had and start looking at what could be.


Blue Lagoon

6.  Keeps You Moving Forward

Why stay at home when you can opt for a spontaneous trip? Be wise when choosing your destination and start your own adventure.

Just Remember: this time is for you!

Do what feels good, every day. The memories will remain forever in your heart and remind you who you are and what you can do, just by yourself. You’ll be greatly enriched and inspired by everyone you’ll meet and by everything you’ll learn. Going back home will be more easier! You’ll be stronger and more detached from your previous relationship.

And you will find Hope. Because forgiveness requires hope and believing that a better place exists. Therefore in order to forgive and to move past fear, you need to find hope.

Then, one day, you will meet someone and fall in Love again.



7.  And the last important thing …You can SHOP till you Drop!  😉

You are Feeling sad? Best cure Go Shopping because it really does make you happier, say psychologists.

Treating yourself to something nice at the shops after a break-up apparently has a lasting positive impact on YOUR mood. Shopping is the only way to happiness for some people and for me, of course! 

When things get tough, I’m SHOPPING! And not a day goes by without buying just a little thing…

According to my own dictionary it’s a way of life. I love lots of things, care for hundreds and love too many sometimes. But like every human being on Earth I have some impossible to heal addictions: Travel & Shopping!

And because I understand that sometimes this passion for Shopping can become pretty uncontrollable and pricey I wanted not only to show you how to spend money to be fashionable! I want with all my heart to inspire every women to be confident, to feel free of judgements, to focus on the positive parts of life, on manners rather than coolness, on their power assets not on their flaws, on attitude rather than the physical aspect.

So run wild, best cure go Shopping and stop taking life too seriously.

Kid around more, lady! We are way too serious sometimes, turning everyday situations into problems, constantly on the lookout to complain about anything and worrying about a bunch of things that simply don’t matter. Like a Man!  😀

Yes, sometimes it seems I find life so easy. It seems I glide effortlessly upwards and onwards, always doing the right things whatever the situation. People tell me I always seem happy, content and ready to roll with life’s punches and they ask the key of my everyday smile. Well there’s no key, no guide, no rules, ladies!

IMG_3296 (26)

Just learn to shrug off adversity more easily and be happier, calmer and become a positive person.

And what better way to do it than Traveling ?