BEST 2016 highlights recap

First of all, I would like to say to you Happy New Year! So let’s make a recap..

I don’t know about you but I’m welcoming 2017 with so much excitement and so many hopes and dreams!

2016 has been a year of big challenges and dreams come true for me, of unexpected things and travels, unforgettable moments, a lot of work and projects. It was a landmark year regarding blogging for me, because after some changes I turned my website into a Personal Brand. I finally decided to give my own name to my website – Alina Vlad, which opened my eyes to new perspectives. It was the year in which I felt that my work is finally rewarded, a year full of many beautiful projects.

It’s crazy how the time flies.

That’s why I decided to take a look back and write a Recap of 2016, remembering all the great moments.


All the things that happened this year, are all well-documented also here on my recap and social media.

I always look back at the year before and always, when writing “my year in pictures”, I realise how much I have done that year, where I have been to and how lucky I am to experience everything.

It’s time for my 2016 recap! So…Here are the BEST of 2016 :


I know I already said that 2015 was the best year of my life, so far, but I have to say that 2016 beat it. I decided to fully focus on my website and social media career, I traveled like crazy, I experienced Milan fashion week for the first time and simply I was happy. So, I only hope that 2017 is going to be as good as 2016 was.

I will take the opportunity to thank you as well, all of this wouldn’t be possible without you, my dear readers. Your constant support, your likes, comments, messages, and shares, it means a lot and it also helps me push my limits, creating new and better content.

Nevertheless, here are the important things I will remember from the year 2016:

I began recap 2016 with a short trip to Istanbul, one of my favourite cities in Europe with amazing culture and atmosphere. So, If you’re thinking: “Why should visit Istanbul in winter? check my blog for 5 reasons!


When I came back, I celebrated 2 years of Blogging exactly on Valentine’s Day relaunching my website with the name of Shopaholica Life. It was already a brand, but after some problems with the Trademark I decided to change the name of the blog again. You can read about this in another article – Trademark issue. Be aware because this can happen to anyone!

On 22 February I participated at Viva!Charity Gala organised by Viva Magazine every year.


I started preparing for Milan Fashion Week, where I had an amazing experience. On 24 February I arrived in Milan for Fall Winter 2016/17 fashion week and I attended some of the major fashion shows like Luisa Beccaria, Fausto Puglisi, ANTEPRIMA, Cristiano Burani, Giamba, Elisabetta Franchi, Ermanno Scervino and Philipp Plein. I had the chance to meet famous fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni and Xenia Tchoumi.

The highlight of my first Milan Fashion Week was, of course, Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Fantasy show. My dream came true that day and I literally cried when coming back to Romania and listening to the song inside the invitation.

During Fashion Week I made some Collaborations with a bunch of amazing brands, such as Paisi, Sport Couture Romania, Andrea Tincu and Rafaela Moraru Romanian Designers, Kraxy Rabbit and Adidas.

ermanno scervino fall winter 2016


Being invited as a fashion blogger to many fashion events throughout the year.

My outfits appeared in Beau Monde April edition and Harper’s Bazaar Romania August edition.


I was the image of Ylana Shop launching campaign in Romania, during April 2016.

bodycon dresses


At the end of April I took a short break and visited for the second time Vienna.


Shooting with my favorite photographer Virgil Hritcu many projects, like the one I did for BMW Romania and Unic Brands in December.

I gave an interview called “The secrets of a shopaholic” for in June. I did a street style shooting in August for Zoot Romania which was featured on, together with an interview.

pink dress


Recap unforgettable trip to the Gargano Peninsula, Italy.

For me, this part of Italy is a dream destination. I encourage everyone to visit once in a lifetime. So…buy a ticket, get a tan & fall in love! Because ITALIA is LOVE!


Recap my collaborations with many brands, such as World Class, Geta Voinea Beauty Salon, BaByliss Romania, Nuba Restaurants, Topline Romania, BeautyFree, Kudika Shopping, Light in the box, Tabya Beauty & Eyelashes, Michael Kors, Lamonza, Denttaglio Clinique, Bbcollection.
Being Media Partner for many fashion events like C fashion Gala by Alin Galatescu and filming my very first YouTube video for BaByliss Romania.

From the 21st to the 26th of September, I attended again Milan Fashion Week exploring the new fashion bible from the catwalks and the upcoming trends and must haves of the Spring Summer 2017. This season I was among the first people who have seen Live Alberta Ferretti, Grinko, Philipp Plein, Fendi, Prada, Blumarine, Etro, Jil Sander, Dsquared, Moschino, Anteprima, Lucio Vanotti, Aigner fashion shows.


It was my second time at Milan Fashion Week and I was so excited. For those of you who missed the FW16 one, you can still check it online and read all about it on my website. There is no other place in Italy with the energy and sophistication Milan has to offer. After the shows, you can go and play at the most stylish after parties. The highlight of this Fashion Week was the biggest fabulous Private Party #AliceinGhettolandwhich Philipp Plein put in scene to close his Milanese fashion shows before moving to New York.


My outfit was considered one of the Best Street Style outfits at Milan Fashion Week SS17 and appeared in PopSugar Celebrity magazine. I’m really proud about this because when I left my apartment in Milan that day, I knew it was one of my best looks. My Bluette backpack from Furla Candy collection and the flashy velvet sandals from Atelier Faiblesse definitely caught the whole attention on the Milanese streets.

best street style lookbest street style look


Being a part of many blogger events throughout the whole year. I was one of the bloggers chosen to represent the NEW Oxigen Life’s Spirit campaign for the launch of their Traditional collection with an event called Traditional by Romanian Bloggers.

Traditional by Romanian Bloggers


Being part of SUV Peugeot 3008 launch trip in Romania together with other bloggers and doing an off-road experience for the first time.

I ended 2016 recap shining at The Date – Gold Obsession NYE party in Bucharest. Because many of you have asked me to show you the dress I wore that night, here it is.

As we approached the last couple of minutes of 2016, I can’t help but smile back at such a blissful year, that made me face a lot of challenges and major changes. I can’t believe that this year just came to an end so quickly. It’s just crazy how fast time is flying and how crazily things are moving! In 2016 I saw my personal brand – Alina Vlad growing faster, being blessed to do what I love and to share it with you all the time.


I’m super grateful for all the amazing opportunities, projects, experiences and relationships built this year. My life has enriched with amazing adventures and such beautiful memories. Most of all, 2016 recap was full of challenges, of risks, of fighting for what I believe in. I found my strength in work and I just wish God bless my family because they are my support and power and what keeps me going out for more. It was a year in which I learned a lot about myself. It’s been a remarkable journey with highs and lows and I’m really excited to begin a new one. May 2017 be a Golden year for all of you!

I began 2017 with some days off, some days to think, to live, to disconnect.

I wanted to step away from the blog for a while just because that’s simply what I needed. The best explanation I could actually give you is that I wanted some time for me. Life carries millions of inspiring opportunities, and it’s so important to be present in the moment, curious, with our eyes wide open, to see and to feel. From what I remember of myself before AVstyle took me on this incredible journey, I used to read 2 books a month, walk around endlessly, travel a lot, lay around in my bed for hours and just dream, take the time…And these were the moments where I got my best ideas. This is actually how I got the idea to start this website.

For the last three years, I haven’t been taking the time. Time was taking me. I was carried away by the amount of things to do, and things to think about. So much, that I forgot what it felt like to be bored and do nothing, for real. I miss that so much! But, even if I’m not in my twenties I’m extremely happy that I’m living my passion. I would even say it’s pretty incredible to be able to do that. So I would always think to myself:

“Life is short, you have to live to the fullest, embrace every occasion to the fullest!”

“The starting point of all achievement is desire!”


But I was living and seeing so much this year, meeting so many people, that the pace of it simply didn’t allow me to appreciate everything I was experiencing. Keeping things balanced becomes tricky at times and there were moments where I felt like I was losing my mind, and forgetting what’s truly important on the way.

When extraordinary becomes routine, it’s time to step back and put things in perspective. All I needed, all I craved was some time to reconnect with the simplicity of things, slow it down to understand better the beauty of each moment.

I’ve always said it, there’s nothing I love more that sitting for hours with my friends, or even strangers, and have intense, challenging, deep conversations about everything and nothing. We all have a lesson to teach and we all have a lesson to learn. And although you might have seen on my social media that I have been very active lately with trips, new projects, new achievements, I can tell you that inside, something shifted. I cared more for simpler things, slower moments, I craved depth and was in a constant reflective mood questioning a lot of things around me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my website. Developing this project has been, a massive pressure. It gave me so much anxiety that there were nights where I could barely sleep. I thought “What if they don’t like me?”,  ”What if I’m not meant for it?”. Passion however couldn’t exist without fear and doubts. I wouldn’t care crafting something I believe in so much if it didn’t challenge or scare me to this point.

So as I was writing down my 2016 RECAP this morning, I thought, well there’s truly nothing I would change. All I want is just to keep going. To keep living, to keep dreaming, to keep enjoying! Everything that needs to happen will happen, everything that shouldn’t, won’t.

“If you keep your head focused on where you’re going, you’ll get there no matter what.”

This is the most important lesson I’ve learned in 2016, through my recap adventure.

But enjoying each step of getting there is what’s truly special. To me, nothing would be worth this ride if I couldn’t share each accomplishment with my best friend and brother, and share it all with you guys.

And I know deep down that this is only the beginning. I am so proud and happy for it all. I started from scratch and we are building something beautiful.

I hope you will let me inspire you also in 2017. I want to thank you for supporting me, finding time out of your day to check in on my blog and Instagram, for believing in me and for all the love and positive feedback you leave me, whether I’ve met you or not. Thank you once again with all my heart!

I wish you all a blessed year full of love, health and success and of all the things you’ve always wish!