BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret

Babyliss Ionic Curl Secret

Have you ever curl your hair with BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret ?

Let’s say I have discovered this innovative solution called Curl Secret from BaByliss Paris and since then I can’t give up on it. I declare myself a Big fan of the new BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret, a staple in my haircare routine.

Having thin hair, I’ve always wanted to curl my hair before a special occasion as it looks thicker, and makes me feel glamorous!

Today I have prepared this post showing you how to use the BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret to achieve the most perfect and fast curls ever. I asked my favourite hair stylist from Geta Voinea Green Court to help me!



BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret is the world’s first fully automatic curler that uses the patented revolutionary technology, Auto-Curl. Before heating, the device automatically turns strands of hair in curls, thus ensuring a smooth and quick crimping. The number 1 brand in Europe in terms of styling products and personal care, BaByliss Paris, brought this new innovation. With the new fully automatic curler you can choose the direction of the curls from left, right, and alternative.

With BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret you can achieve very simple and quick, beautiful, free-flowing curls with long-lasting effect.

I usually use my curling tongs, but I have to admit I am not very good with them. It takes me ages to do it. And I often end up tying my hair up in the end, as the curls just won’t sit right. But now, I personally became addictive with BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret.

It’s so easy to use. Just get a section of your hair (not larger than 2 centimetres in depth), put it in the machine and it does everything by itself. There are two temperatures you can choose: 210 and 230 degrees.  The device gives you three types of waves style: a la Gisele Bundchen, defined loose curls and Shirley temple style curls.

The product is very effective and requires two seconds to understand how to use it. The results are amazing, especially if you have long hair. However, take care not to use it too often, because it may damage the hair due to the heat. Be aware that you have to use BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret on perfectly dry hair. The high temperature will fry your hair if wet or slightly wet.

Also, you must brush your hair very well, before. Avoid knots as the hair will get trapped in the machine and it will lock itself. I did it the first time and I was like: OMG! How will I remove my hair ? Will I sleep like this? 😆

Section the hair and start with the hairs “underneath”. Make small sections of hair no more than 2 centimetres. Put one section into the BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret. No need to push pull or anything. The BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret will do the job by itself. You will hear 3 “beeps” and then a long one meaning that you can release the hair.

Depending on the heat and strength you chose the wave will be more or less pronounced. In the picture below I used the 2nd strength on the right and the third on the left.

Enjoy my video and let me know if you like the BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret!



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The package contains a BaByliss Ionic Curl Secret and a cleaning tool, to be used only when the device has cooled down.