Babyliss Airstyle 300 Look Hair Tutorial

Babyliss Airstyle 300 Look is the new indispensable tool for creating all kinds of hair stylings.

Those of you following me on my Facebook Page and Instagram already know that I usually like to try all the Beauty Salons newly opened. But recently I have discovered the Hot Air Styler range from Babyliss Romania. I have decided to show you in this article how I use the Babyliss Airstyle 300 Look to achieve the fastest easy curls that I want.

We all want an impeccably hair, full of volume and shine like we just stepped out of a beauty salon. For me is even more difficult because I have that kind of soft hair on which curls don’t last more than 2 hours. So, don’t be surprised if after one hour of curling my hair my curls left me!

At least I have more volume!

Enjoy my video and let me know what other easy hairstyles would you do with this Babyliss Airstyle 300 Look.


So, I really recommend you the Babyliss Airstyle 300 Look because you can easily and quickly arrange your hair using 2 hot air brushes, wherever you are. With a power of 300 watts and 2 speeds can be used on damp as well as dry hair and all hair types.

Airstyle 300 from Babyliss Romania comes with two different brushes that are easy to switch on at, which makes it possible to create many different hairstyles. These wonderful devices will save you many hours during traveling and will protect your hair during arrangement. 

Please carefully read the instructions before using it. To remove a brush turn the ring at the base of the brush and pull off. To insert the brush: reverse this process.

Each brush can be used to create various hair styles.

First I used the Round Boar-Bristle Brush to straighten and dry my hair. With its interior airflow, this brush gives your hair a real “blow dry”, for an extra smooth finish or for a superb body and volume. It is most effective on damp hair. Take a small section of hair and start with the brush at the roots, holding the section with the other hand. Slide the brush towards the ends, rolling in the direction you want. Unroll and repeat until dry. Use the Brush only on Speed 1.

The Curling Brush (which also has interior airflow) is perfect for curling and shaping the hair. Use it on dry or damp hair. Take a section, brush towards the ends to untangle it, then roll the hair onto the brush. Hold for 5-30 seconds, depending on your hair type and the size of the section. Let your hair cool before brushing out. Use on Speed 1 or 2.

The Babyliss Airstyle 300 Look dual voltage will dry, straighten and give your hair volume in a professional manner, even at home. These brushes are the best solution for styling your hair in a very short time.

More details about hot air brushes range from BaByliss Romania you can find on their website and Facebook page: BaBylissParisRomania


Video Credit: Barcan Photography