You know how sometimes you get stuck in front of a painting?

This happened to me when I first saw the ARGO ART collection at their launching event held at Iconic Food & Design in a beautiful setting. No matter if is the perfect dress or the perfect view of the next holiday destination, there are items, places or people that make us stop or dream. There is no purpose in finding a meaning, because art needs no explanation!

The beauty lays in the interpretations and emotions we each attach to it.

And as any good painting you want to hang it on your wall and keep watching it, I hang these beautiful pictures on my blog so that we can all enjoy the simple beauty and inspiration I found in them.

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“You can gaze at a picture, but you can’t keep that moment.

I wanted to keep that instant moment for all women who feel silk as a part of their elegance and attitude, who feel beauty on their skin.”, said Andreea Buga when I first met her at the launching event of ARGO ART. I was really impressed by her finest and beautiful clothes and I couldn’t left my idea of making a photo shooting with these art objects since then. I’m really happy that I had the chance to wear almost every piece of this beautiful collection ARGO ART.

Below you can read more about Andreea Buga and her career and how she decided to create these art pieces.

  • Tell me about yourself and your career so far…

We are ARGO and the first chapter of our adventure begins in 2008 out of the pure joy of discovering and understanding art. We founded the consulting company ARGO ART just the two of us, Andreea and Adrian, and we developed it to include beside art consultancy, design and a publishing section, since 2014.

  • What did you do before this? What was your greatest professional achievement?

Every event we have made for an artist is a great professional achievement!

  • Oil on Canvas/Silk on Skin is your first collection…tell us a few things about it and how it was made because I know it has a story!

Alma Redlinger was the first artist I chose to promote within this collection because we have organized two exhibitions for her: one in 2011 at Sala Dalles and one in 2014 at Caminul Artei. She is a 91 year-old artist, with such an inspiring life and spirit. I had to promote her, so that more people would know her work and admire her paintings.

So… the best choice was to make a fashion collection to capture the spirit and youth of Alma Redlinger.

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  • You told me that you have been surrounded by Art since childhood… How important is Art to you and how it influenced you until now?

Art is a big part of my life. I started my studies at Tonitza High-school and then continued with the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Design section. In 2008, me and my husband, created ARGO – a company specialized on Art consultancy. And this year I finally give birth to this fascinating collection, full of art and love, Oil on Canvas /Silk on Skin by Andreea Buga.

  • What is your favorite piece from your collection? Do you have a story for each one of them?

Of course the answer is all of them. I have chosen every painting and especially imprinted it on silk to make it part of every woman’s style and attitude. I want to reveal with each outfit a special feeling of happiness.

Because my idea was for all Art lovers, I could not just build a collection, so I made two. The elegant Impressive Silk collection, is created entirely from silk which “transforms the woman into a human being that bears all the flowers in her.” With a variety of combinations of colored silks, each model has a special design in order to individualize with one of the three options of print, in limited edition: Red Poppies, The City and The Atelier.

The Sport Collection, Fancy Canvas, is for all women who want to give a sporty chic feel to their looks. It’s a limited edition of print on silk: Magnolia, Spring and Stamp, that can be customized according to the wishes of those who love art and want to buy it.

  • And now tell me what is your favorite item in your wardrobe and why? How would you describe your personal style?

I am a romantic! So my style is colorful and vibrant. Right now I prefer to wear every piece from my collection, because I feel special in them.

DSC_2850 copy-001DSC_2828 copyARGO ART 11 -


  • Where did you find inspiration for your collections? What is your favorite designer and what do you think about Romanian designers?

Since I have first attended a Romanian Design Fair, I was sure that Romania has a lot of great fashion designers. I think, in time, this will be a really important fashion market.

  • How do you embrace the online trends? Social media, bloggers, etc. Do you have any favorite fashion bloggers? 

Except you? … Of course, I like to know everything and I appreciate all the work that is made to promote good quality fashion.

  • What advice would you give to women about Fashion and Style?

It is never too late to find your own style.

  • What is your greatest desire? What are your plans for the future regarding your brand?

I wish that when people mention ARGO ART, they would associate it with love, color and great vibe!

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