The age women feel the sexiest

The age women feel the sexiest, according to a survey made by House of Fraser, is 34. Did you know that?

They asked 2,000 women what is the age when they feel the sexiest, what it is that gets them there, and at what age do they feel most confident. They found that the age in which we’re feeling like total bodacious, babes, is… 34. I would have never believed this, but it’s a fact.

TODAY I’m celebrating 34, the age women feel the sexiest …Wow! Maybe you don’t believe me but Time is a monster that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience, then it races like a gazelle when you can’t catch a breath.

I was asked many times how old I am and I have decided to tell you. Because many of you don’t know my age exactly! Even if for me is so unbelievable too…Yes! I am 34 years old…

But after all, age is a question of mind over matter! If you don’t mind, it won’t matter!

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Today I realised that 34 is the age when I feel the most confident, self-assured and sexy.

Because today I’m more in control of my life, I’m independent and free and I’m feeling content with who I am regardless of appearance. And I do believe that my confidence was built with age and sexiness is about much more than the way I look. Is about how I feel and how I inspire people around me. Because sexiness comes from our smiles and looks, from optimism, attitude, humour and wit.

Sexiness comes from that feeling of taking care of yourself, of feeling great in your skin. No matter your age! According to another study reported by Daily Mail, teenage models and 20 years old girls might dominate popular culture, but it turns out the age when women feel sexiest is later in life. 

I always talk about confidence, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of doubt and insecurity. Of course, I do. But I learned that it’s about how you respond to that. It’s about how you bounce back and find clarity and wisdom. Because I learned our failures are the best lessons.

And I do believe that is such a stupid thing to lie about our age. Unfortunately, it’s a timeworn predicament for women in popular culture. Those who study and write about ageism say that it’s psychologically damaging. “When we lie about our age, we are distancing ourselves from our future selves,” said Ashton Applewhite, who turns 63 on Saturday and who runs the Tumblr Yo, Is This Ageist?I know that we feed this notion that there is something terrible about aging. But is not! 

My life experience proved age is just a number. Because aging is living. And I just want to live my life with passion. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with passion. A girl who gets excited about things, lives for things and holds things close to her heart is a girl worth knowing. Because passion is contagious and watching someone get excited about something is the most beautiful quality you can find in someone. No matter her age!

A few years ago I was terrified of growing old. Of hitting 30’s. But now I’m 34 and I’m not married yet and still don’t have kids. But I’ve learned that things come to you at the right moment. And maybe is not the right moment or these things are not for me anymore. But I don’t want to change anything because I’ve learned to laugh at the little things, not taking life so seriously. Not taking life for granted is something I also aspire to achieve. I think we all should, right? We need to remember the little things and enjoy the life we are living right now.

And What is more beautiful than celebrating my own birthday?

Today I know that growing old brings along a special kind of balance and wisdom which you can’t achieve by any other means than through life experience. It also means acceptance, of others and most importantly, of yourself.

Today I know that keeping a positive vibe is more seductive than any body asset. A great attitude is something really magnetic and beautiful. I also know that a confident attitude doesn’t come from having doubts but from learning how to process them and live with them.

Today I know that tomorrow I’ll probably have more reasons to doubt myself. More wrinkles and several extra kilos.  😆 But the secret is literally to keep on smiling.

Today I know that I`m perfect just the way I Am.

Even if I’m not skinny, I have wrinkles and a lot of grey hair! I know exactly who I am!

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Yes! I am 34 years old…the age women feel the sexiest!

And we have Beyonce fighting for this age group and looking sexier and more iconic than ever before.

Now…tell me what is the age when you feel the sexiest and most confident?


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