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Wearing Adidas Originals by Rita Ora for Moschino FW16 Fashion Show was such a relief for me!

For the second day of Milan Fashion Week after changing two outfits and running all day long on heels I was literally broken. My feet were hurting me so bad.

Even now I can’t believe I was wearing Adidas Originals for fashion week. It’s fashion month and I’m posting probably the most sporty outfit of them all today on the blog!

How did that happened? Let me explain it to you.

adidas originals -


As you might have understood, fashion month is a big, hot and tiring maze. We run all day, barely have time to eat and even less to sleep. So we basically live on coffee and croissants. And of course, on big doses of makeup and especially eye liner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about anything! I literally love this experience. It was the most exciting period of the year for me. There are so many exciting things happening every 30 minutes. It’s an accumulation of unforgettable memories.

However, wearing Adidas Originals Assian bomber jacket with leggings and a comfy (not really comfy  :lol:) pair of shoes for Moschino fashion show it was like the biggest luxury and comfort possible.

But Remember you can’t go to fashion week without heels!

Although my outfits have been all casual and effortless, my feet still suffer hard today. These fashion week blister, my my… High heels drama. I ended up deciding that I will not wear heels for a month when back home. In the future I will try to find pieces that make me feel comfy and look fantastic.

Anyway if you want to be photographed by everyone you must find that statement piece

Once you got it, you won’t be able to take it off. This American style bomber with traditional japanese motifs from the latest collection Adidas Originals made in collaboration with Rita Ora charmed me. The limited “Asian Arena” collection is inspired by the geisha and features a number of adidas heritage silhouettes. I also love the Obi jacket which is a modern twist on the kimono, with geisha-like sleeves, sporting the distinctive Three Stripe down each arm, complete with an all-over oriental landscape print. The entire collection Adidas originals by Rita Ora you can find it at Sport Couture Romania located in Baneasa Shopping City.

So…take a look at my pictures shot that night on the streets of Milan before Moschino Fall Winter 16-17.

What do you think ? Rita Ora will be jealous on me or not?

moschino15moschino 14 moschino 5moschino 9_DVD9920 moschino 7


During Fashion Weeks funny accessories and bold colors are definitely a must have. Look at these shoes that each and every photographer have posed there. Anyway they were in theme for Jeremy’s Scott new craziest ‘on fire’ collection presented last thursday in Milan.

Like always the designer burned the house down for its Fall 2016 runway show at Milan Fashion Week. Inspired by a mob of puritanical Dominicans that stormed Florence on the night of Mardi Gras in 1497 to destroy objects of beauty that they thought might lead to evil, the collection celebrates the beauty that arises from the event’s destruction. Set against a mansion in ruins, Jeremy Scott sift through the fashion history and sent out 59 looks all Smokin’ literally !

But he’s the only one who can bring back ’80s-era denim and black leather, mixed in with some taffeta prom bows. For Fall ’16, the creative director decided to switch things up, going darker with a punk-rock-inspired collection. Which makes him a match made in sartorial heaven!

Here are nine memorable moments of Jeremy Scott’s eccentric FW16 show :

Moschino Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in Milan



1. Moschino transformed its show space into a mansion in ruins complete with smashed pianos, gilded frames and baroque seating for guests. First of all, the Invitations Themselves Were Burned!

2. Guests were gifted Moschino’s “Fashion Kills” cigarette phone case at the show. No current Moschino collection would be complete without a healthy dose of pop culture appropriation. These cigarette carton evening bags are a followup to last season’s to the house’s “Fresh Couture” fragrance. You can find the many items in the house’s buy-now capsule collection available on their website.

landscape-1456501980-hbz-moschino-capsule_MOS00392016-03-03_MOS00972016-03-031 2016-03-0322016-03-035


3. Moschino favorites models like Taylor Hill, Imaan Hammam, Issa Lish, Romee Strijd, Maria Borges, and Stella Maxwell all walked in today’s show.

4. At the beginning Moschino showed us plenty of dramatic gowns, denim and moto boots, sometimes all at once. And super short shorts. Plus the chic jacket bag is back!

5. Midway through the show, famous model Omahyra Mota emerged in a cobalt blue and leather number.

moschino 25 - www.shopaholicalife.com_MOS1045annaclevelandmoschino -


6. The collection’s #ItsLit theme became apparent in “burned” tuxedos and gowns that appeared at the end of the show. A few dressess were followed by trails of smoke as they come down the runway. You can imagine that beneath their skirts were integrated smoke machines?

7. Safe to say no model will top Anna Cleveland’s walk at Moschino that day! She twirled, twisted, and writhed in a literally smoking dress. I was DEEPLY CONCERNED THAT she was on FIRE. Maybe the model with lit cigarettes for earrings had something to do with it!

8. Though not even such a contraption could compete with Molly Bair’s smoky, red cape finale. With it’s ruffled layers, bows and oversized sleeves, the look was typical Moschino coming from Scott’s unwearable themes. But Molly Bair managed to wear it with a regal power that made the entire collection feel more relevant. Or, at least, worthy of the theatrical gimmicks.

_MOS1547moschino 25 - www.shopaholicalife.commoschino 28 -



9.  In the end, Jeremy Scott turned a grand chandelier into a gown with Swarovski crystals that’s fallen from the ceiling above. It was a weird show. I know!

But I really loved it!  What do you think of Moschino Fall Winter 16 fashion show?