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aBEauty Clinique & Vela Shape III Program!

For you ladies who’ve stuck out your daily workout routines today I recommend you…

We all have unsightly problems with Cellulite and extra pounds. How can we get our dream body? I cannot say exactly. Either way I will tell more about the innovative ways to make our life more beautiful. There are some non-invasive treatments for body shaping, for cellulite loss, which we can not escape through diet and sports. Treating cellulite is now possible because of the latest technologies applied by aBeauty Clinique experts.

VelaSmooth Pro or VelaShape III treatments combine Criolipoliza or lipolysis to reduce/eliminate the body fat deposits and cellulite. Treats the loose skin phenomenon.



aBeauty Clinique is a premium brand in the facial and body aesthetics. They have a nationwide network of clinics providing measurable results for their patients. Their specialists are passionate about beauty qualified medical training and oriented towards the provision of exceptional service. aBeauty is the only brand that offers guarantee for the treatments. Also aBeauty Clinique consultation is free and does not involve any obligations from the customers.

At their invitation last week I decided to visit aBeauty Clinique and try Vela Shape III treatment. At my age I have to take care of myself in order to keep my Beauty forever. I arrive at this modern building on Nicolae Caranfil 61C Street. First they explained step by step what does it mean Vela Shape III Program and which are the effects. Then they applied a single treatment, easy to use, with fast treating body areas affected by cellulite. It reduces visibly the fat deposits placed in various areas of the body.

So…How does it works this Vela Shape III treatment?

Vela Shape III equipment consists of infrared light(IR) which heats tissue up to 3 mm deep, radio frequency Bi-polar(RF) which heats tissue up to 15 mm deep and vacuum which ensure precise delivery of energy. Due to the action mode, the treatment allows the deep heat of fat tissue(adipocytes), of fibrous connective septs around them and collagen fibers. The concomitant application of vacuum allow the penetration of the energy more faster and deeper. Thus, it aims improve blood circulation and skin quality, lymphatic drainage and stimulate collagen production. VelaShape III is CE certified for body shaping and FDA approved for circumferential reduction in the groin and thighs.

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And what could make me more body conscious than a super tight, black leather dress with split from TGH Fashion? This dress is stunning, but oh so hard to pull off for us normal people! Can be casual but black makes her look chic at the same time. I got it because I was so tormented by the design and I wore it after I tried for the first time Vela Shape III treatment at aBEauty Clinique.

Because I have to admit that I’m used to dress to look sexy anytime.

With controlling what I ate for one month and trying Vela Shape III, I have to say, it looks good on me now! And if it doesn’t, don’t tell me cause it was a hard process to get my body into shape again! Somehow food hits me on a secret spot and I can never resist!

If you know other tips to get fit please tell me in the comment section below.

Whatever your desires, problems or budget, aBeauty Clinique worth a visit!

 Furthermore if you want details, prices and appointments please contact them for a private discussion with a special counsellor in medical aesthetics. In addition, each person who comes for the first time in aBeauty Clinique will receive a gift without having to purchase anything.



Photo Credit:   David Ghisa Photographer 
Make-Up:         Andra Preda Make-Up
     Hair Styling:     Beauty SALON HAIR TAPE Extensions