A Summer Visit in Gargano, Italy

A summer visit in Gargano, Italy doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?  If you can still plan your Italy trip for September, I’d suggest that’s a better alternative to a summer trip.

For sure, there’s no place like Italy in the summer. With an illustrious, storied coastline, a deeply-rooted pride in local cuisine and a cultural attitude for “la dolce vita”, it’s no wonder why this country entices travelers like me to take a bite of the good life.

Last month I traveled to Italy for five days, starting my journey in Manfredonia. If you are ready for the weekend, Let’s revisit, shall we?



During my summer visit to Italy, I had such a fantastic time on Gargano Coastline, I was completely absorbed with all its beauty. I had my base in Manfredonia and from there I explore the stunning villages and beaches! I recommend you to go to Mattinata Beach and Lido Monsignore Restaurant if you want to combine sun, bath and good food during an afternoon. We had a lovely lunch in the sun there for 1 hour before we went to our new adventure.

Now let’s talk about my easy breezy beach outfit. White maxi dress ready for the sand. I had specially bought to wear on vacation, you know? My vacation in Italy. I think this is one of the most beautiful white dresses that I have ever had. It’s one of those pieces that I always want to take with me, and I hope to hold on to forever. It’s just special and romantic. The look fits so well with the beach and its white houses.

After lunch, it started to rain so what else to do than visit the surroundings and take pictures through the coastline.

We took a stop to get a beautiful panoramic view over Gargano. I love to explore new places like these. Stunning panoramic views isn’t something that you easily get tired of!
Exploring Gargano’s hilly street is something breathtaking. 
I leave you with the photos, I hope you like my summer visit in Gargano
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I don’t think there’s anything out there that I would find as fulfilling as traveling and getting to discover new places and cultures. I am so grateful that my job allows me to travel all over the place and get to know places that I’d always dreamed of seeing.

South East of Italy is one of those places that I hadn’t had the chance to get to know until now. I totally recommend it. These photos were taken on my third day there and I look happy because I had already fallen in love with the place.

Sometimes when I sit back and look at my life, I really have to pinch myself. Because yes, I am incredibly lucky. The sea is and forever will be one of my greatest inspirations, in all her wildness, danger, and deep mystery. As we rocked along the calm shores one last time, I took a mental picture, glanced at my companions and just melted into the moment.

How do you think my evening has finished? Visiting Barone Gambadoro Castle, located on Monte Sant’Angelo and drinking tea with my new friends, on a rainy afternoon. Could a girl ask for more?

Surrounded by olive groves, Barone Gambadoro Castle (transformed into a Hotel) is located in a quiet area, 10 minutes’ drive from Manfredonia’s sandy beaches. It features free Wi-Fi throughout and a beautiful garden. Country-style rooms come with air conditioning and private bathroom. A sweet and savory breakfast is served in the garden or in guests’ rooms. The bus stop to Monte Sant’Angelo is 10 meters away and Vieste is 50 km away.



Here are some more summer travel tips for Italy, Manfredonia.

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