A Feminine proposal

As I promised, here is my feminine proposal for a summer day.

I know you’ve never seen me so romantic.

Maybe it’s just this beautiful dress I wore during the last day of Feeric Fashion Days in Sibiu. I must admit I have chosen different styles since I launched this blog. I went from androgen to rock inspired looks, from extravagance to minimal, but the feminine ones were and still remain my favorites.

I really wanted to wear a dress below the knee and a comfy pair of heels. I fell in love with this floral print dress, as well as its volumes…It’s a motivated choice because it naturally completes me as a woman. A Ted Baker floral dress is so elegant and beautiful that not a single fashionista can resist the temptation of wearing it. Floral print is kind of my thing, during summer. Expect to see a lot more of my feminine proposals featured on here. Whether it will be maxi dresses, jumpsuits, sundresses, skirts or tops, floral print is certainly here to stay.

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We arrived in Sibiu last week for a crazy week of fashion shows. Honestly, I can’t describe to you now my degree of happiness during those days. I have been complete craziness and filled with overwhelming moments of adrenaline rush…Being a fashion blogger is a real dream come true, I feel like I’m levitating in a little colorful bubble of heaven.

The last day of Feeric Fashion Festival started in Avrig at the entrance to Baron Samuel von Brukenthal’s summer palace, presenting a loose collections of Dutch designerMichelangelo Winklaar. Michelangelo Winklaar, originally from Curaçao, showed his latest collection ‘Independentia’, which focused on the empowerment of women. Michelangelo has a way of manipulating textiles and shapes, creating an alternate dimension between fantasy and reality by taking unique patterns and placing them outside the box. His designs are fine tuned by a specific use of colors and fabrics, applying the final details by hand.

His work should be considered to be an extension of the personalities of the women he designs for.

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I must admit I love this enchanting landscape of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal’s summer palace right in the middle of small town Arig, which must be visited if you arrive around Sibiu. At the foot of Transylvanian Carpathians, only 30 minutes away from Sibiu center, you will find an unique baroque ensemble. The palace was the former summer residence of the Transylvanian governor Samuel von Brukenthal. Enjoy a visit in this historic manor and feel the charm of the spacious gardens and you’ll have for sure an unparalleled experience that is unique in Transylvania. Once called “Transylvania´s Garden of Eden”, this baroque estate was built in the end of the 18th century by the governor himself. The area around Avrig offers a multitude of touristic attractions, including the impressive mountain scenery of the Fagaras mountains, the idyllic Saxon villages with their fortified churches or the town of Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007. 

After we took lunch in this little paradise garden situated at the foot of Fagaras Mountains, we moved to Sibiu for the second fashion show of the day.

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 I just feel Feeric!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my last article about Gala Feeric Fashion Days in Sibiu.


Photo Credit:

Cornel Petrus Photography/Andra Dumitrescu